South Africans are leaving their jobs to make money with bitcoin

making daily income with bitcoin mining

On social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram there is a growing number of users who call themselves bitcoin entrepreneurs. Most of them are just starting out and have not accomplished anything yet, like prospectors looking to strike gold with bitcoin. They spam your inmail asking if you know about bitcoin trading or bitcoin mining. Then there is the other crowd, the ones making all of the money, not spamming anyone, sharing their achievements and the achievements of those they work with. People who have successfully left their 9-5 to work on cryptocurrency projects full time. When people read their stories and see their lifestyle, it’s the people who reach out to them to find out how they escaped the 9-5 and how they too can achieve this. One of these people who have successfully left a career they studied for is Bongeka Buhle Makhathini, who left a career as a developer to work full time as a bitcoin entrepreneur. We decided to interview Bongeka to find out how she and other South Africans have left their stable jobs to pursue a career as bitcoin entrepreneurs. We also wanted to find out what a bitcoin entrepreneur is.

making daily income with bitcoin mining
South Africans earning daily income from bitcoin

We asked Bongeka a few questions, read her responses below:

What is Mining City?

Mining City a company that provides Members the chance to take part in one of the largest organized cryptocurrency mining operations in the world.

How does it work?

Members can purchase Bitcoin (BTC)and Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Mining Plans and enjoy the daily Mining Income that is generated by the hash power of these Mining Plans.

The other side of business includes the network marketing model. Which is one of the highest paying professions in the world. Paying hundreds of millions dollars daily. 


I see you sharing people making a lot of money through Mining City, tell us what is the biggest amount you have seen someone make in a month from Mining City?

True, it’s really up to the will power of the person. Mining city gives you a blank cheque, everyday you have to write it out.

I’ve personally helped people who were making less than 15 000 a month to earn over R50 000 and over R100 000 in just one month through the business model.

bitcoin mining taking over South Africa

What sort of income is possible through bitcoin mining (Mining City) and can you give examples of what a newcomer can expect to make and how long it takes to start generating R50K? 

In the month of May alone two of our business partners who started the business last year July, one made R52 000 and the other R100 000 in just one month.

A lot of people are hesitant to get involved with bitcoin, because there have been so many bitcoin scams including one recently in Ladysmith last year, what makes Mining City different?

Nothing worth in life comes easy. Fear will always be there. We should not be afraid to take financial risk even when we have failed before. Today we have six figure earners and seven figure earners in the business. Guess what they never knew that it would turn out this way so faith and belief above everything.

The quick way to get started is:

 -Find a mentor, find someone whose where you aspire to be. Bongeka and Sean have mentorship groups from all over the world 

– Attend seminars, to acquire more knowledge about the industry and the business.

– Self-development is very important i.e.reading books etc

– Patience and Perseverance. 

I see you left a career as a developer to pursue Bitcoin Mining full time, what made you take this decision? (A lot of people think development has a high salary especially once you get to 5 + years experience so they may see it as a gamble)

The grass is not always greener on the other side. I thought the same too but getting there and having worked for 2 years I saw all my dreams fading away. So I had to get out of my comfort zone and from living from paycheck to paycheck take a leap of faith towards changing my life.

What does a typical work day/week look like for a full time bitcoin miner or Mining City investor/entrepreneur?

Not everyday is the same but I invest a lot of my time on people, teaching them about this new economy & ground breaking technology. I do my business both online and offline, that being from my smartphone ( WhatsApp, Facebook and Zoom webinars ) and offline seminars. 

If someone is interested in bitcoin mining, what can they do to get involved?

The first thing they need to do is to contact the person who told them about the opportunity. They’ll help them with the registration process which is very simple and easy to do following instructions. All they need is an email address. 

What kind of events does Mining City run to educate people about bitcoin and this new way of making money?

Lately we’ve been running online seminars ( zoom calls). We also have offline seminars all around the world.

Where to get in touch with Bongeka:


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