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CoinInsider is a leading digital media company providing news, opinion, market analysis, and investor insights focused on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. 

Our mission

CoinInsider’s vision is to build the premier digital media platform focused on high-quality cryptocurrency news, analysis, and advice. Our focus is to create a large, engaged community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts for whom we will build information and digital products.

Our view is to provide unbiased honest commentary on the state of the crypto market, to teach our audience the basics of crypto investing by simplifying complex topics without dumbing them down, and to deliver in-depth research and thought leadership.

Subsequently, our editorial tone offers contributing writers and editors the freedom to cultivate a novel voice and opinion while retaining synchronicity throughout materials, offerings, and content, that cultivates resonance around the principles of trust and authority.

What we provide

Our news articles deliver up-to-date information on breaking developments in the wider blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem – tracking not just price news, but regulatory updates, adoption and use cases, and blockchain breakthroughs.

Our editorial content provides greater insight into the opinions and views of some of the leading figures in cryptocurrency, while our learning materials provide those who are new to cryptocurrency with a foundational series on where to get started.

For intermediate and advanced investors, we provide leading charting tools to track the growth of not only Bitcoin, but further hundreds of different cryptocurrencies each with different purpose and utility.


Our editorial team believes in the exciting future provided by digital currency, and are proud to be some of the earliest investors in the wider cryptocurrency market.

Subsequently, our writers may be investors in some of the leading digital currency projects available on markets all around the world. Disclosure of their cryptocurrency portfolios can be found within their author biography.

Data and licenses

All financial data, unless otherwise stated, is ingested from CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare.

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