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Ledger Finally Ships Stax Hardware Wallet After Months of Delays

The chief experience officer at Ledger, mentioned that the additional time enabled them to enhance the operating system with more features.

Cristiano Ronaldo Unveils Fourth NFT Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils that the collection will launch on May 29 2024 with fixed pricing across most items.

Hong Kong SFC Considers Allowing Ether Staking for ETF Issuers

The SFC reportedly engaged in discussions with the country's crypto ETF issuers regarding providing staking services via licensed platforms.

BlackRock, Grayscale, and Bitwise Amend ETF Filings Ahead of SEC Decision

As the SEC's deadline for ruling on the approval or disapproval of a spot Ether ETF draws near, 3 asset managers have updated their filings.

Nancy Pelosi Mulls Support for Republicans FIT21 Crypto Bill

The former House Speaker is said to be contemplating backing the Republican crypto bill, diverging from top Democrats.

US Shutdowns Lead to Global Decline in Bitcoin ATMs

Countries around the world significantly boosted the monthly growth of BTC ATMs throughout 2024, collectively approaching the 38,000.

Venezuela Bans Crypto Mining to Protect Power Grid

Venezuela’s move follows a recent crackdown involving the confiscation of 2,000 crypto mining devices as part of anti0corruption initiative.

Bitcoin ETFs: Over 600 Firms Pour Billions into Crypto

According to reports Millennium Management is the largest Bitcoin ETF investor with a $1.9 billion investment.

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Cryptocurrency Guides

The Importance of Understanding Social Engineering Attacks

Advancements in artificial intelligence and communication technologies make it difficult to discern what's real and what's a scam.

Top Five Crypto Red Flags on Social Media

Some scams are easy to see, but others might look like a worthwhile investment opportunity. Here are some crypto red flags to look out for.

Kate’s Data Breach Sparks Urgent Call for Enhanced Security Measures

After Kate Middleton's alleged data incident and possible internal attack at the London Clinic, there's a clear need for security in cyber...

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Bitcoin

A guide on how to buy Bitcoin using a credit card for first time users and steps to use when registering an account.

The Difference between Spot Bitcoin ETF Custody and Exchange Custody

There are a few key differences between a spot Bitcoin ETFs and other Bitcoin ETFs in how they are structured and direct exposure to...

Bitcoin adoption: Growing pains and the need for regulation

While legislation and decentralisation might not go hand-in-hand, Bitcoin adoption might thrive with more regulation.

Custodial wallets vs non-custodial wallets: Which is better?

Choosing the right wallet depends on how much you value security, convenience, and control of your private kety.

Is Bitcoin mining still profitable in 2022?

Bitcoin mining has changed as an industry with an increase in the demand on energy and electricity. Is it still mining in 2022? In this, we...

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