Funds raised in 2020

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Funds raised

2020 ICOs

ProjectReceivedGoalEnd Date
NeuronChain 7.8


NeuronChain is a lightning fast financial network with a vision to build tomorrow’s financial system by creating a borderless world by cutting out intermediaries and providing access to the billions of people underserved by the current financial system. With more than 100,000 tps on the mainnet, NeuronChain is revolutionizing payments, remittances, global trade & commerce by creating an income sharing economy where every participant of global payments could be remunerated.
Received: 23,750 USDGoal: N/A01-03-2020 Visit
White Stripe Lottery 7.8

White Stripe Lottery

WhiteStripe is cryptolottery, where the prize fund is formed with the help of mining. This is the only lottery in which, despite the impressive prizes, you do not have to buy a ticket, perform tasks or pass verification.мA lottery where the identification and awarding of the winner is fully automated and excludes any human intervention. We change the concept of online gambling through honesty, transparency and independence.
Received: 3,000,000 USDGoal: N/A06-07-2020 Visit
BrandProtect 7.7


Our brand company embodied technologies of blockchain and cryptoprotaction in a real sector of the economy. We use the technology of blockchain to protect the author`s rights of trademarks owners, to prevent counterfeiting of products, and save our customers from counterfeit goods. We develop the monitoring system for consumer products and commodity lots.
Received: 525,000 USDGoal: 50,000 USD23-02-2020 Visit
TravelVee 7.7


Travelvee - oriented directly to the market for unoccupied rooms - which will be sold on exclusive terms, which are discussed between the hotel and the buyer - confidentially, of course with the help of Travelvee platform.
Received: 30,000,000 USDGoal: 5,000,000 USD15-02-2020 Visit
FRED Energy 7.6

FRED Energy

The FRED Project aims to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED)
Received: 3,000,000 USDGoal: 1,200,000 USD29-05-2020 Visit
Reckoon 7.6


Reckoon is shaping the future of the retail industry by providing Blockchain & AI enabled Global Shopping Platform as a Service. At the core of our End-to-End shopping ecosystem is the Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS), providing a standardised and universal way to fulfil the shoppers WishBasket. This gives the retailer a deeper insight into the intent of the shopper and will facilitate inter-retailer collaboration for a better outcome for both retailers and shoppers.
Received: 300,000 USDGoal: N/A06-04-2020 Visit
Liqio Exchange 7.6

Liqio Exchange

LIQIO is an Estonian registered company (LIQIO OÜ 1478949). The company has an address in Estonia and offices in Western Europe. When you purchase LQO tokens, you will receive dividends once a month. 50% of the fees collected by the exchange will be paid to the holder of the LQO token.
Received: 1,820,000 USDGoal: 550,000 USD21-02-2020 Visit
Prometheus 7.6


Prometheus platform enables the integration between the part of the business process and blockchain technology. We have created a fully functional MVP, which will be a base for our platform. It allows the user to connect to the database through a few clicks, select a table and column to transfer to a blockchain, select the type of blockchain (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar...) and choose whether the action will be performed only once or repetitively.
Received: 11,000,000 USDGoal: 530,000 USD01-05-2020 Visit
TecraCoin 7.6


Using TecraCoin, we commercialize high technologies based on graphene. As the Tecra team, we have created an Internet platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high end technologies, which are protected by patents. By using a Blockchain-based distributed ledger, we can guarantee the transparency of the investments based on TecraCoin.
Received: 20,000,000 USDGoal: 5,000,000 USD16-01-2020 Visit
Crypto Tron 7.5

Crypto Tron

Crypto Tron will be Thailand’s newest and most sophisticated crypto company. A highly advanced crypto exchange, with its own ATM network and a modern crypto retail platform, plus portability between crypto and fiat. We proudly supports the TRON network and we commit to list all working Tron projects for FREE on upcoming fully licensed crypto exchange. Crypto Tron Shop will also provide a simple solution to accept payment in various cryptocurrencies at local stores.
Received: 30,000,000 USDGoal: 3,000,000 USD24-05-2020 Visit