Funds raised in 2020

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Funds raised

2020 ICOs

ProjectReceivedGoalEnd Date
KRG token 4.3

KRG token

The first ICO project combined with the real sector of the economy in the field of medium-sized businesses. A hybrid of digital assets and a high-yield operating business in the field of ICO.
Received: 100,000 USDGoal: N/A01-09-2020 Visit
Ultimate Mining Token 4.0

Ultimate Mining Token

UMT - Cloud Mining simplified
Received: 5,000,000 USDGoal: 200,000 USD10-04-2020 Visit
PoliToken 4.0


PoliToken is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that give to you a percentage of PoliDataCompressor international copyright.
Received: 100 USDGoal: N/A03-01-2020 Visit
Goloud 4.0


Music and music video platform, made for artists and listeners, alike.
Received: 200,000 ETHGoal: N/A01-03-2020 Visit
Bismillahcoin 4.0


BisMillahCoin (BMC) is the world's first Sharia-compliant utility token, serving needs and providing solutions to at least 1.8 billion Muslims, utilizes the latest technology that promotes efficiency and accountability. BisMillahCoin will be built on the Ethereum blockchain platform using its smart contract technology. Anyone can buy BMC token with Bitcoin.
Received: 400 BTCGoal: 200 BTC10-02-2020 Visit
Conex.Exchange 3.9


Conex.Exchange - P2P exchange Bitcoin and Altcoins with over 300+ payment methods
Received: 100,000 USDGoal: N/A03-08-2020 Visit
Offshore Bitcoin 3.9

Offshore Bitcoin

Offshore Bitcoin is a sophisticated, ultrafast and decentralized exchange platform, offering swift and secure trading experience to worldwide users. In the ever-changing cyber world, to protect users’ privacy, Offshore Bitcoin exchange offers the highest anonymity and security, and will prove to be the top unsusceptible trading platform in the crypto industry.
Received: 450 BTCGoal: N/A01-10-2020 Visit
Desire Finance 3.9

Desire Finance

Desire Finance is a DeFi product launcher which enables anybody to create their own decentralized product in just a few minutes.
Received: 900,000 USDGoal: 171,000 USD15-10-2020 Visit
Yearn Finance Red 3.9

Yearn Finance Red

Yearn Finance Red is a decentralized token under ERC-20 protocol, allows users to stake YFIR, borrow assets, and vote for improvements within the community.
Received: 1,000 ETHGoal: 500 ETH06-12-2020 Visit
Bitrou-DEFI 3.9


DeFi data query, tracking, DeFi platform voting rating, DeFi currency prediction rating, scam anti-counterfeiting and other services, and decentralized transaction insurance services will be introduced
Received: 700 ETHGoal: 2,000 ETH21-08-2020 Visit
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