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Zcash panel votes in favor of allowing ASIC mining on the network

In a surprising move, an elected panel of the ZCash Foundation members has voted against prioritizing ASIC resistance on ZCash’s protocol.

Members of the ZCash Foundation, consisting of 64 elected users, has won a vote against the prioritization of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) resistance in the ZCash protocol.

This is following the release of Bitmain’s – one of China’s largest financial technology manufacturers – first ASIC miner for the token, a move over which several users stated that they thought this might result in the mining of the token becoming centralized. Those against the ASICS thought that the blockchain resistant to the circuit chips might be a necessary move towards a decentralized network.

Owing to it, the Zcash foundation declared that the network becoming one which is ASIC resistant should be a technical priority. The foundation’s CEO Josh Cincinnati said that they would call together an advisory in order to look into the whether the ASICs should exist on the token’s network.

Despite the resistance of some users, the vote was in favor of not making the network ASIC resistant with the election seeing 45 votes against the prioritization of ASIC resistance with only 19 in favor of it.

This move has come as a surprise to many, but it seems to show that while the panel might not want to use resources of making the network ASIC resistant at this time, it might be looking into ways in order to make the token’s mining the most effetive – and ultimately most decentralized as possible – right now with a focus  on accessibility.

Still, the outcome of the vote has been met with mixed reactions from members within the community. There are many users who think that in allowing the chain to remain ASIC accessible, it will lead to the demise of GPU miners which will result in long-term issues on the network.

As it stands today, ZCash has seen an increase of 13.13%, and presently trades at $169.69 USD.