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Zcash claims successful ‘Overwinter’ hard fork

Zcash has officially activated its planned hard fork – Overwinter – which will lay the foundations for future network upgrades.

As the Starks like to say, Winter Is Coming – but today, if you’re Zcash proponent, you’re entitled to say Overwinter Is Here.

Privacy-focused Zcash has today executed its planned ‘Overwinter’ hard fork – an intended network upgrade designed to lay the foundations for new features that will debut later this week.

The fork, which officially activated at 00:42 UTC on June 26th, kicked off at block height 347,500.

Presiding over the news through an official blog post, marketing director for the Zcash Company Josh Swihart quipped that “thanks to the Zcash Company engineering team’s tireless efforts, the Zcash network succeeded in a solid and safe first upgrade”.

Following the introduction of Overwinter – which will be a ‘practice round’ of sorts for the network – Zcash’s development team has outlined that two subsequent hard forks will take place, named Sapling and Sprout.

As outlined by Swihart, Overwinter ‘marks the first Zcash implementation of a two-tiered governance model for protocol upgrades.’

Sapling will be introduced with the view of increasing the Zcash network’s maximum throughput in a bid designed to accommodate even more transactions per second, while Sprout will introduce will introduce replay protection as well as a ‘transaction expiry’ mechanism.

Zcash’s development team has yet to specify a block height where Sapling will come into play.

Zcash Company has for several months now outlined the planned hard fork – and has claimed its success stems from continuous communication with node operators.

As Swihart outlined, “The Zcash Company advocated for the Overwinter upgrade by educating and working with miners, exchanges, wallets and vendors on their implementations well in advance of the activation.”

Zcash Company has outlined that a list of miners, exchanges, wallets, and vendors supporting the upgrade can be found on the official Overwinter Information page.

Zcash is down by some -7.11% day-on-day, and at press time trades for $161.71 USD.