X faces criticism over suspension of pro-XRP account

Members of the crypto community are criticising Elon Musk over the suspension of a prominent XRP-related account on X (formerly known as Twitter).

To get clarity on the accounts system, prominent cryptocurrency users Crypto Eri directed a message to Musk with a screenshot of the suspended account, saying he hopes this was a mistake.

The account belongs to Digital Asset Investor.XRP. The person behind the account was a prominent and vocal advocate for XRP. While the cryptocurrency token, the native coin to XRP Ledger, has been the centre point of several controversies from a legal aspect, it still has a loyal following. Some members in the crypto community believe that the blockchain has potential.

In the thread, some defended the suspension, noting that Musk might have acted in order to protect users from potential scammers. There has been no official response from Musk or X officials related to the account’s suspension. In response to the criticism of the blockchain network, Crypto Eri maintained the position, noting:

“I have been doing my part to stick to the facts. Even when I’m called the crypto police or part of the cancel culture. That’s not been fun. I have empathy because he built his whole channel around using the X platform.”

The controversy of XRP and X

The suspension of the account has stirred controversy in the community, pertaining to whether whether this is censorship in the X community. The move gained attention from members in the industry including attorney John Deaton, an XRP advocate.

In a related development, a report has shown there is an investigation into Elon Musk from the SEC. The investigation is looking into whether Musk has violated any federal securities regulations regarding his stock acquisitions and any statements into the X acquisition.

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