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The world of cryptocurrency grows thanks to these three women

Three female lawyers are aiding in the international development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across the world.

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is ever expanding. The increasing number of new blockchain based systems, stablecoins and countries approving of cryptocurrency provide easier ways for investors to partake in the cryptocurrency market.

However, as the crypto economy grows more visible to the world, so too do the legal gray areas that have not yet been regulated. These three lawyers are working on shining a light on these areas and ensuring the successful global adoption of digital assets.

Sydney Schaub

Sydney Schaub believes that trust is essential to securing more participants in the crypto market. She spent more than five years as Associate General Counsel at Square, Inc., where she led the legal team that managed Square’s initial public offering, advised on new jurisdiction expansion and oversaw mergers and acquisitions.

Then back in late September, Gemini Trust Company, LLC (Gemini) announced it is bringing her on as general counsel.  This was done during a time of great growth for Gemini; a short time after they launched a new stablecoin, the Gemini dollar (GUSD).

Their decision was based on Schaub’s reputation and proven ability to work out complex deals and partnerships. As Tyler Winklevoss, Chief Executive Officer of Gemini said, “[Schaub] will prove invaluable to Gemini as our organization continues to expand.”

Since then, Schaub has focused on building a trust and understanding with investors who were previously wary of cryptocurrency.

Joshua Ashley Klayman

Joshua Klayman focuses on integrating more international investors into the crypto economy. She is the founder and manager of Klayman LLC, a boutique blockchain-focused law firm based in New York City. She is considered one of the best 12 crypto lawyers in the world, according to Chambers and Partners.

Klayman believes that as “the media and the general public become more familiar with digital tokens… increasing numbers of investors from around the world will enter the crypto market.” She emphasizes the importance of taking legal steps to smoothen this transition into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Veronique Dalli

Veronique Dalli aids countries navigate the cryptocurrency system. She is the founder and managing partner of Dalli Advocates, a law firm based in Malta. This firm assists foreign companies and individuals on legal issues related to setting up business in Malta.

Malta is a pioneer in the national integration of blockchain. It has been dubbed the ‘blockchain island’. However, despite its firm adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, there are still legal grey areas which are not properly regulated. Dalli advocates updating national laws regarding cryptocurrency, claiming that “applying the existing U.S. federal securities laws to digital tokens is an imperfect fit.”

These three women are some of the forerunners in expanding the dimension of cryptocurrency. Their work helps to ensure a more regulated, legal market environment for cryptocurrency and blockchain.