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Power & Influence: Who’s among crypto’s most wealthy and influential figures?

With new information revealing the most wealthy faces in crypto, we explore just who might count as the most powerful figureheads leading the cryptocurrency revolution.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem begins to mature and newer investors enter the market, those who adopted digital currencies early – or are leading companies or ventures leveraging blockchain technology – have become leading lights in a sometimes turbulent sea.

With the release of Forbes’ Richest in Cryptocurrency – which tallies the ten most wealthy individuals having made significant fortunes from either investing in or creating blockchain enterprises, the public has been given a fascinating window into enterprising individuals who’ve accumulated vast wealth from the digital currency ecosystem.

In conjunction with Cryptoweekly’s 100 Most Influential People in Crypto, commentators and onlookers alike now have the potential to evaluate just who some of the leading figures are in this new financial paradigm.

Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen

Serving as the co-founder and Chairman of Ripple, Larsen leads the development of the Ripple platform as a leading enterprise blockchain solution for global settlements.

Prior to his involvement in Ripple, Larsen served as the CEO of Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending service.

Larsen is potentially the wealthiest figure in cryptocurrency, and has a reported net worth in the range of $7.5 billion – $8 billion USD.

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Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin co-founded Ethereum in conjunction with Vitalik Buterin, and further initiated ConsenSys – a new blockchain app development firm.

In-between helping set up the Ethereum Foundation, Lubin further operates ConsenSys Ventures – a venture capital firm that invests in new, decentralized blockchain applications.

Lubin is estimated to have a net worth in the range of $1 billion – $5 billion USD.

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Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

Following their exit from litigation involving Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – which was perhaps best portrayed in 2010’s The Social Network – Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss risked a substantial sum of $11 million USD in a massive Bitcoin investment in 2013.

That gamble paid off, as the brothers are now estimated to have a network worth in the range of $900 million – $1.1 billion USD.

In addition to their investment, the brothers both serve as the founders of Gemini – a next-generation digital asset exchange.

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brian armstrong

Brian Armstrong

Armstrong, the founder of Coinbase, presently serves as his firm’s CEO – leading the development of the platform as one of the world’s most recognized Bitcoin exchanges.

Armstrong is estimated to have a net worth in the range of $900 million – $1 billion USD.

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Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce

Pierce is recognizable for the fact that he co-founded Blockchain Capital – a venture capital firm which has made sizeable investments in startups consisting of endeavors such as EOS and Tether.

The entrepreneur further serves as Chair of the Bitcoin Foundation, and continues to speak at blockchain conferences around the globe. Pierce is estimated to have a net wealth in the range of $700 million – $1 billion USD.

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michael novogratz

Michael Novogratz

An investor and CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, Novogratz is often regarded for his accurate Bitcoin price predictions. Having previously served as a principle and board member for Fortress Investment Group, Novogratz was formerly the Chief Investment Officer of the Fortress Macro Fund.

Today, Novogratz leads investments in emerging blockchain startups, and has a reported net wealth in the range of $700 million – $1 billion USD.

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Satoshi Nakamoto

Perhaps the most enigmatic figure in cryptocurrency, the anonymous author – or authors – that is or are Satoshi Nakamoto might be some of the most influential and wealthy person(s) in cryptocurrency.

Having founded Bitcoin and the blockchain in a white paper in 2008, Nakamoto sits on a fortune of some 1,04 million bitcoins. Should Bitcoin reach the $100k USD mark in the near future, the anonymous author could approach a net worth of some $100 billion USD.

Perhaps the author is rendered even more influential for the fact that he, she, or they has refrained form divesting any of their bitcoin – maintaining a curious, ghostly handle on the development of the cryptocurrency in international markets.

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