Token with a pinch of salt: Exploring the weirdest coins on the market


Innovations that have taken the world by storm usually bring out some eccentricities. Think of the Cadillac Cyclone for automobiles.

Cryptocurrency is no exception and a few quirky tokens have stemmed on the blockchain. In this list, we look at the seven most peculiar cryptocurrency tokens to hit the market.


This coin is a delightful marriage of crypto-controversy and an aim to fulfill one president’s vision.

Sure, there’s no legitimate partnership between this coin and the US president but the token at least has the same goal as Trump to ‘Make America Great Again’. Supporting this token means supporting both the main man Donald as well as ‘Trump Patriots’ who are (and I kid you not) “determined and motivated to expose corruption and evil, uncover truths and lies and allow all people a chance to live in a free, peaceful and prosperous world.”

It might not be the only cryptocurrency coin geared to advocating political figures and if one looks hard, one can find a number of others such as Billary Coin.

The coin, with a current market cap of $443,388 USD, even goes as far as to claim itself as “the world’s first true cryptocurrency CauseCoin.”

The coin’s icon also looks like it would have great hair. Ironically.


If the world has a Donald Trump coin, it obviously needs a Kanye West one too.

Well, it’s creators thought so at least and the coin was created in 2014 as a delightful parody of the American rapper.

Kanye, on the other hand, was less impressed with the token which depicted him as a fish wearing sunglasses. One would imagine he’d be jumping on stage the craze, grabbing microphones and tweeting about it, but he was having none of it and when his lawyers stepped in, the coin had to step out for good and the Coinye project was abandoned after only a few months.


This token is offered to all no matter what race or species.

Mooncoin is not taking up space on any other blockchain but its own and offers users the chance to build projects on their platform as well as offering an “easy, reliable and transparent” network.

The name creatively comes from the limited number of tokens it will issue, which is based on the average distance from the Earth to the Moon. While it’s not rocketing to the top ten cryptocurrencies it does have a current market cap value of $18,002,436 USD.


Can’t have cavities on the blockchain, can we?

A coin founded by dental specialists might sound outlandish, but maybe we’re just not used to the idea of teeth-related blockchain business.

This token, which caters for a very niche market, is exploring the technology of distributed ledgers to help dentists and patients record and share their medical documents, trade dental products and pay for procedures. The project’s pearly white paper shows their roadmap with four phases of growth: “Knowledge, Expansion, Determination and Eternity”.

Forget the two front teeth; all they want for Christmas is determination and eternity.

At present, Dentacoin is crunching on a market cap of $245,994,580 USD, making it one of the current top 100 cryptocurrency coins.


This one is a Litecoin fork to put the tasty condiment on the table.

Cooked up at the end of 2017, this token was created by a Reddit user with a love of cryptocurrency and an even greater love of garlic. The token doesn’t take itself seriously in its nonsense and honestly expressed that it was born “to create a cryptocurrency to revolutionize the memecoin market”.

Garlicoin tries a less-than-its best to offers recipes, banter and a current market cap of $259,519 USD.


We know what you might be thinking and that there is no way that there is an actual cryptocurrency coin in existence for the sole purpose of buying Whopper burgers.

Turns out there is, and Burger King in Russia are to blame (or thank?) for the initiative. Last year, Burger King Russia announced the Whoppercoin project which is essentially just a rewards program for the burgers based on the blockchain. Each Russian ruble spent equates to one Whoppercoin. If you can manage to rack up a measly 1,700 Whoppercoins, you get a free burger.


Dennis Rodham, a man with a million-dollar idea, designed Potcoin in order to provide the apparently necessary missing link between cryptocurrency and marijuana.

The token was launched in 2014 in order to offer a banking system for the legal cannabis industry. It claims itself as “the first digital currency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry”. The peer-to-peer currency aims to provide low fees for pot-buying. All the weed and none of the hassle.   

The cannabis-focused token is sitting soberly at a current market value over $22 million USD.

Oh, and the coin also sponsored a trip that Rodham took to North Korea. (The sniffer dogs must have had a field day with his luggage.)


And last but not least, how could we forget the original quirk.

Based on a viral meme, this cryptocurrency was launched in 2013 by its creator as a joke. The biggest joke? The token took off.

Since its creation, the meme has stayed relevant sponsoring entities such as the Jamaican bobsled team at the Winter Olympics and Nascar drivers. Thinking it was barking up the wrong tree, the parody coin hit its $1 billion USD market cap at the beginning of the year and sits comfortably in the top fifty cryptocurrencies.

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