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Former Wall Street executive slams Bitcoin Cash over self-promoting tweet

“Enough already”, says former Wall Street executive Michael Novogratz when he stepped into the BTC vs BCH debate in a tweet, defending BTC’s brand and title as the original cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Core versus Bitcoin Cash debate is not anything new to anyone who has been in the cryptospace for longer than Roger Ver’s two-minutes of infamy and there are no signs of a peace treaty any time soon.

Since the on-going conflict between the supports of both Bitcoin Core, the original platform, and the forked Bitcoin Cash is not showing any indication of letting up, prominent figures are stepping into the arena to weigh in.

One such figure is Michael Novogratz, a former Wall Street Executive and well-known cryptocurrency investor, and he spoke up on social media platform Twitter when the official @Bitcoin account – a handle which has been dragged through the mud and back again – misrepresented the details of both cryptocurrencies.

Novogratz snapped back regarding this, with an “enough is enough” attitude – listing the actual attributes of Bitcoin Core and calling out the behavior as though it was somewhat childish.

Novogratz has been titled as one of the richest people by Forbes and has had a great deal of success in his business ventures. After a highly remunerative 26-years at Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group on Wall Street, the business mogul dived into virtual currency – investing hundreds of millions into a Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank. As a financial and cryptocurrency heavyweight, there is often a perception by those in the cryptosphere that his words carry a valid weight.