VeChain partners with Safe Haven to offer digitized inheritances


In yet another partnership for VeChain Thor, Safe Haven – a Singapore-based company aiming to deliver blockchain-driven solutions for inheritance, asset control, and asset distribution – has announced that it has re-aligned and will proceed to build its product atop of VeChain Thor’s network.

The news comes shortly after Safe Haven concluded its private sale and launched its testnet.

Safe Haven intends to use smart contracts to secure digital legacies – the platform will be intended to distribute one’s private keys, passwords, or bank account details to third parties in the event of their passing.

Presiding over the announcement, Safe Haven founder Jurgen Schouppe wrote that “Safe Haven’s platform will be launched on the VechainThor Blockchain incorporating cutting-edge smart contracts and a patented Trust Alliance Network (TAN). The Trust Alliance Network is a group of legal entities that has a secure relationship with Safe Haven.”

In response, a VeChain spokesperson noted that “After reviewing their [Safe Haven’s] technology, network, and background we see true value added to our platform by working together in partnership. This partnership will allow users access to a host of necessary solutions for continuity.”

Safe Haven will proceed to offer four different products – The Family Circle Plan is designed to facilitate the distribution of one’s assets to family members, while The Business Continuity Plan enables corporates to distribute authority or ownership through smart contracts.

Investment Circles will provide a means for grouped funds to ‘operate on their own defined terms and procedures’, and the Safe Haven Vault will enable users to organize their digital assets on a blockchain as well as set distribution parameters.

Safe Haven’s Family Circle Distribution Protocol is now in testing, and the company’s alpha release is slated to occur after the launch of the VeChain Thor mainnet.

The news follows on from partnerships announced earlier this year, wherein VeChain Thor announced a new deal with automotive giant BMW.

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