Ukrainian efforts accept cryptocurrency as support

Amidst the war, as Russia continues to invade Ukraine, the Ukrainian government has reached out to the cryptocurrency community to raise funds for civilians and the national troops. The government has announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and the United States dollar-pegged stablecoin Tether as donations to support its efforts.

Numerous organisations have stepped in to offer help the Ukrainian citizens with the military threats and Russian advancements, but the official Twitter account of the country has taken to the public social platform to call for help to the cryptocurrency community:

The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine has also reached out to the community on Twitter with the cryptocurrency addresses for Ukrainian efforts, asking for help and encouraging people to donate.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin offered support to Ukraine as the Russian invasion took place earlier this week. He had offered warnings about the cryptocurrency donation addresses for the Ukrainian support but has since deleted the cautious tweets with confirmation that the addresses are legitimate. He maintained that an air of caution should be followed.

While Ukrainian citizens are taking up arms to protect their country, refugees that have had to flee their homes have had to give up their financial support. Civilians across the country have uprooted and left the region for safety without time to make the lengthy arrangements to transfer money. Cryptocurrency stands as a borderless option to help citizens manage while they cannot access their funds back in their home country.

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