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Ukraine looks to NEM to assist with developing a voting system using blockchain

The head of Ukraine’s Central Electoral Commission has announced that they are working with NEM in order to test voting using blockchain.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

One of Ukraine’s Electoral Commission members has announced that the commission is now working with NEM, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, to develop a voting process based on blockchain technology.

As announced by Oleksandr Stelmakh, the leader of the country’s register at the Central Electoral Commission, the new partnership sees the cryptocurrency company and the state experiment to test how well and accurately the process is. In the post, Stelmakh seemed to be content with the results of the test and are thus going to “continue a series of experiments applying blockchain technology within electoral voting.”

Behind their reasoning to go into the technology of blockchain for the electoral votes, Stelmakh explained:

“One of the basic useful properties of the technology is the impossibility of making changes to the saved information, as well as the decentralization of the data on its blockchain. These are the properties we tried to use to save the information of the ballot sessions about the calculation of the voters of voters at the ballot election of the president of Ukraine”

Currently, the process is still in the testing phase, which Stelmakh confirmed is still open and stated that anyone can still partake in the pilot test. The test vote uses 28 nodes with NEM’s technology and the blockchain “allows you to create its own assets (Mozaíki), as well as the log structure contains a message box that allows you to attach a message to the size of the 1 KB.”

In his announcement, Stelmakh was upfront about the costs involved and openly stated that the installation of each system would cost approximately $1,227 USD. A unit would be required at each police station for the voting process. Although it might be expensive, Stelmakh offered that this is but a “small price to pay for data protection in the votes.

His sentiments were echoed in the comments by some of the users who expressed their thoughts such as one who said:

I think it’s very lucky to be used for the protocols of counting the votes of the vote – introduction, conservation, completeness. Hide changes impossible.”

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