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Report: More than 25% of U.K. male millennials would choose Bitcoin over property

A real estate developer has conducted a study and found out whether millennials would opt to invest in cryptocurrency rather than put their funds into into the real estate market.

In a recent study conducted by UK-based real estate developer Get Living, it has been found that 27% of the male millennials in the nation would prefer to invest in bitcoin rather than real estate.

According to real estate developer Get Living, part of the reason the particular demographic saw bitcoin as a more attractive investment was the fact that millennials hold the view that the flagship cryptocurrency possesses a higher potential of appreciating compared to real estate.

In the report released, Get Living suggests this trend owes to the fact that millennials are more prone to cryptocurrency as an investment as they believe that it holds a possibility of higher return compared to the value of real estate. It was said that millennials see the “soaring performance of Bitcoin – followed by an almost equally profound correction – [and it] holds more intrigue than the prospect of steady growth in house prices”.

It’s been found that cryptocurrency is also more attractive than stocks or bonds to those aged between 18 and 34, according to a study conducted by venture capital firm Blockchain Capital.

The study, conducted by Harris Poll for the firm, noted that the 27% figure found both male and female of the younger generation in the market would opt to invest in $1,000 USD worth of bitcoin rather than that of the same value in stocks. The study also showed that, if we look at millennial males – a weighty 38% would choose cryptocurrency over buying stocks.

We already know that only 8% of all citizens in America own, or are interested in owning, cryptocurrency and the statistics together suggest that millennials are making up a huge portion of those in the market. This conjecture is backed up with the study that showed that a whopping 20% of students in America use funds from their loans to buy cryptocurrency.