Tron partners with vSport Chain to bring prediction markets to 2018’s FIFA World Cup

Tron partners with vSport Chain to bring prediction markets to 2018's FIFA World Cup

Russian hotels first wagged their tails at the chance to accept Bitcoin as currency ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup this year, and now a new partnership between Tron and vSport Chain will develop the first World Cup Prediction Platform based on blockchain technology.

Revealed in an official press release, Tron and vSport will together  “share resources, collaborate on technical challenges, deliver premium content, build communities, and expand their reach.”

vSport Chain – a subsidiary of Sports Value Foundation – was founded by internet entrepreneur Qiang Bai and footballer Wesley Sneijder. The company offered a blockchain-powered ecosystem designed to bring payment systems, copyright management functions, and prediction markets to the sports industry.

Tron and vSport will proceed to co-develop a blockchain-based soccer results forecasting platform which will be issued on the Tron mainnet ahead of the FIFA World Cup this year.

Speaking to the press, Bai offered that Tron and vSport will “will work together to build and nurture a healthy soccer and sports ecosystem. I believe this will be a great way to give back to soccer fans around the world.”

Tron’s mainnet launch is slated to take place between June 21st and 25th – where the project will proceed to transition from Ethereum to its own proprietary blockchain. The popular cryptocurrency project’s migration has surged ahead thanks to the participation of leading cryptocurrency exchanges

At press time, Tron (TRX) trades at values north of $0.05 USD.

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