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Tron Founder Justin Sun wins election, becomes network “super representative”

Shortly after announcing his candidacy, Tron founder Justin Sun has become a network ‘super representative’ after receiving 120 million votes in his favor.

Tron Founder Justin Sun has another reason to smile shortly after his network initiated a token swap and launched its proprietary blockchain, as today he is now a Tron “super representative” after announcing and competing for candidacy in the network’s ongoing elections.

Tron “super representatives” gain the right to run one of 27 nodes on the Tron network that will validate transactions, create blocks, and compete for network rewards.

Sun’s victory was a landslide – the network founder raked in some 120 million votes; far above the 100 million vote requisite for a candidate to be elected as a ‘super representative’.

Taking to Twitter, Sun announced that “I hope that my candidacy will make all the TRX holders, supporters and believers see the significance embedded in voting. I hope it will enable all of us to contribute to the establishment of a truly democratic, decentralized tron community.”

Sun had previously indicated his willingness to stand, and in a Medium post had outlined that “I myself will participate in the tron super representative election along with all other candidates.” 

However, Sun proceeded with his candidacy without publishing an election manifesto – despite publicly announcing his intent to “go through the selection process like everyone else, which displays tron’s inclusiveness and openness as a decentralized and autonomous community”.

Sun had previously clarified that the announcement of his candidacy was “a completely personal action” that did not impinge on his leadership of the Tron Foundation, and as such the Foundation would not proceed to use its 34 billion tokens to guarantee his status.

It remains unclear, however, if Sun used his own token holdings to vote in his favor.

At press time, Tron is down by -6.56% day-on-day, and presently trades at $0.035846 USD.