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The top five dApp games to soothe your soul after a day of trading

Need a little RnR after a hard day’s trading? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you if you don’t want to step away from the blockchain. Here are the top five decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum’s network.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Cryptocurrency is a volatile industry. It’s simply common knowledge at this point. And any trader knows that the unpredictable market brings its fair share of stress and anxiety. Luckily, the blockchain offers the tense-making cryptocurrency hand-in-hand with decentralized apps (dApps) which provide relief in the form of cute games and quirky collectibles.

In this list, we will take you through the top five games which are ranked highest in terms of the number of daily active users. We have taken our data from DappRadar at the time of writing.

5. Gods Unchained TCG

Image result for gods unchained

Gods Unchained stands as a digital, collectible card game. The app offers users the opportunity to “journey to the citadel“, gather “spoils” and play rotating game modes. All on one platform. You can also “choose your own devotion” and “never play alone“!

The game website shows the project’s roadmap, developers, game strategies and features.

Owing to investors like Coinbase and Nirvana Capital, you too can experience the magic that Gods Unchained offers.

This dApp has seen a daily trading volume of 38.74 ETH from 182 users and holds a balance of 4,009.32 ETH on its network.

4. MLBCrypto Baseball

Image result for MLB Crypto Baseball

Like Gods Unchained, this app also stands as a collectible gaming platform. Instead of cards, however, users scoop up digital baseball player figures. There are game-play rewards, trading opportunities, and stats based on live baseball games. There is also a leaderboard showing the users who have the best ranks.

Want to see your username (or really just account number) in lights on the network? All you need is one MLB player to start, according to the official game strategy.

MLBCrypto Baseball has seen a daily trading volume of 29.19 ETH from 223 users and holds a balance of 1,177.16 ETH on its network.

3. Blockchain Cuties

Image result for Blockchain Cuties twitter

Another collection focused game. This time not cards, not baseball, but adorable cuties based on the blockchain. I guess the team wasn’t far off when naming the application.

In Blockchain Cuties, users can collect pets and other cute creature, ranging from puppies and cats to dragons and bear cubs. Not only can one collect the cuties, but one can also go on adventures with them! Albeit adventures which are all digital and based on the blockchain, but the sentiment stands. Each creature is unique and can be sold or transfered to another player.

Our third-highest ranked app has seen a daily trading volume of 1.26 ETH and holds a balance of only 62.97 ETH on its network. Although it has significantly fewer funds through its network, it has had 242 users on the platform in the last 24 hours.


Image result for Etheremon

Forget about Ash and Misty’s world. Etheremon is where you want to be catching them all.

Etheremon combines blockchain with virtual reality technology. According to its site, “Etheremon offers a gaming experience like never before.”

In this application, users can actually own the digital assets (well, it is cryptocurrency after all). However, unlike other cryptocurrency project’s Etheremon boasts a platform which ensures security and where “no one can influence or steal from you”. That’s the claim, at least.

This dApp has seen a daily trading volume of 5.54 ETH from 392 users and holds a balance of 188.07 ETH on its network. Like Blockchain Cuties, it might not see a massive amount of Ether, but it has more of a following in terms of users.

1. CryptoKitties












Of course, the original blockchain-based game takes the number one spot.

Debuted as the first blockchain game in November 2017, CryptoKitties offers a space where (you guessed it) users can collect and trade. Like the Cuties, every CryptoKitty is unique and can be traded to other users. The game also offers features where the Kitties need looking after. It’s almost like a real kitten! Except its entirely digital.

The number one dApp game has seen a daily trading volume of 69.54 ETH from 435 users and holds a balance of 156.67 ETH on its network.

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