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Roasted! Three of crypto’s most fiery spats, ranging from ‘Bcash’ to Craig Wright

Sometimes the exchange of ideas can get more than a little heated. We explore three of cryptocurrency’s most vicious spats between ideology, naming, and even qualifications.

Written by Bryan Smith Published on

One might expect that those who’re building the philosophical future of money may be more committed to their ideas than to their passions – yet it would seem that the cryptocurrency world thus far has shown us exactly the opposite.

Between debates on naming conventions, scaling, and even the qualifications of those involved have all found themselves as easy game in the world of money and minds.

While we shouldn’t expect a shortage of debate nor controversy in the near future, three fiery exchanges easily stand distinct from the rest.

Roger Ver versus John Cavarlho

“I’ve never hired a single sock puppet!”

Roger Ver is well-known for his proponency of Bitcoin Cash – the cryptocurrency created through a hard fork of the de facto Bitcoin blockchain. In the months since that hard fork, numerous Bitcoin Cash supporters have laid claim to the title of the ‘one and only Bitcoin’ on the basis that Bitcoin Cash’s scaling approach doesn’t involve the use of a second-layer solution as explored by Bitcoin Core developers.

In a one-on-one interview, John ‘Bitcoin Error Log’ Cavarlho addressed Bitcoin Cash with Ver in a terse exchange of words. Things reached a new momentum, however, when Cavarlho touched on Ver’s irritation with the slang term for Bitcoin Cash, Bcash.

Asking “Why do you have a problem with people calling it Bcash?”, Cavarlho was treated to Ver’s answer – “If I called you a four letter word that you didn’t want to be called, you wouldn’t appreciate it.”

The exchange later made its way into internet history, as Cavarlho went on to quip that “I think there are only three people who want to call Bcash Bitcoin – you, Jihan (Wu, the head of Bitmain) and your sock puppets” – to which Ver revealed his now-famous middle finger, retorting that “I’ve never hired a single sock puppet!”

The spat, which saw Ver end the interview, is now a meme close to the hearts of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core ideologists as the raging debate around which is the true Bitcoin continues.

Vitalik Buterin versus Craig Wright

“Why are we allowing this fraud to speak at this conference?”

As one of the few people to step forward and claim the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright enjoys a controversial place in the cryptocurrency world.

While some have claimed that Wright’s academic background and ties to other early Bitcoin developers may implicate him in the creation of the original cryptocurrency, others have decried the academic’s occasional errors and presence as an attempt to usurp a narrative.

Wright (most famously) came under fire from Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin. Both Buterin and Wright both served as panelists at Deconomy; a roving blockchain forum devoted to covering the development of distributed economies.

Witnessing Wright’s address at a panel entitled Bitcoin, Controversy over Principle – which explored some of the animosities and disagreements between leading proponents of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash – Buterin began to live-tweet his thoughts on the address.

Ultimately, Buterin stood up to query Wright’s fitness to answer questions on stage – responding to a statement by saying that“…so given that he makes so many mistakes, why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?” to audible cheers.

The spat continued to Twitter, where both Wright and Buterin exchanged verbal sniper fire.

Roger Ver versus Samson Mow

“…they’ve shattered the Bitcoin ecosystem into a thousand and one different altcoins and delayed the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world by years.”

There seems to be little end to the running tussle of ideology that separates Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash supporters – and while Roger Ver’s exchange with John Cavarlho may have succinctly summed the matter up, the leading figure behind Bitcoin Cash didn’t quite stop there.

During a debate on Bitcoin’s scaling issues at Deconomy South Korea, Ver went head to head against Samson Mow – Blockstream’s Chief Strategy Officer – where the two locked swords over their disparate beliefs.D

During the event, Mow outlined his advocacy for the work done by Bitcoin Core developers and the Lightning Network – saying that “I think scaling Bitcoin, we have to take into consideration the computer science aspect of it. We can’t just make things up. We actually have to look at the code and we have to follow the consensus rule, so if you look at what Bitcoin Core has been doing, is they’ve been scaling all along so that everything is backwards compatible.”

Ver had little patience for Mow’s remarks, however, and retorted that “Bitcoin Core is having negative merchant adoption around the world. Bitcoin Cash is having positive merchant adoption around the world. So even if Samson and Blockstream and Bitcoin Core supporters have the absolute best intentions in their heart, we have the empirical evidence to show that the effects were negative and incredibly damaging to Bitcoin. Let’s judge things by their effect and their results, not the intent of the people that were putting it together.”

Ultimately, Ver brought down the hammer – accusing Bitcoin Core developers of “… shattering the Bitcoin ecosystem into a thousand and one different altcoins and delayed the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world by years.”

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South African technology journalist, podcaster, photographer and filmmaker. Hodling - BTC, NEO, ETH.@bryansmithsa

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