Summer superlatives: Top 5 coins of the season and Crypto Twitter analysis

Summer Superlatives: Top 5 coins of the season and Crypto Twitter analysis

Summer is swooning, so let’s keep it light as we head into labor day.

At the end of this post, you’ll find the top 5 coins of the summer by sentiment, but I wanted to do something different with my analysis today.

In addition to tracking sentiment on all the coins mentioned by my stable of around 150 crypto traders and influencers, I also get a lot of data on the influencers themselves. So let’s bust out some summer superlatives, high school yearbook style.

Most Loved

It’d be easy enough to see who has the most followers, but I don’t think that’s necessarily fair.  So for this, I calculated who gets the most RTs and Favs per 1,000 followers.

That title goes to: @IICryptoLover. 

With 8.45 RTs and Favs per 1,000 followers, Pandora wins gold for having the best social action to follower ratio. Huzzah!


Most Optimistic

The title of most optimistic goes to @MisssBitcoin.

I ran a sentiment analysis of all the Tweets I’ve collected over the summer (a few hundred thousand), and Maddie’s tweets are brimming with optimism.

This doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the most bullish of the bunch, just that she has, in general, the most positive outlook of anyone on my list. Cheers!


Most Likely to Suceed

The most likely to succeed category goes to the trader/influencer who has gained the most followers over the last three months.

Of my list, that goes to @TheCryptomist, who has gained a whopping 14,828 followers since the start of June, a 181% increase.



King Shill

The title of King Shill  goes to the trader/influencer who has mentioned the most individual coins over the summer.

It’s also probably the least surprising.

I collected sentiment on more than 1,300 different coins and tokens this summer. Gem-hunter @cryptomocho mentioned 216 of them, blowing away the competition.  He has a bag.


Top 5 Alts of the Summer

These coins/tokens had the highest power rating in my analysis  for the months of June, July and August. The power rating is a weighted calculation taking into account sentiment, volume and the number of unique users who mentioned a coin. Generally, I eliminate any coins mentioned by less than 3 individual people as I don’t feel it would be representative of a trend.

You can always find my methodology at the bottom of my posts or pinned to the top of my Twitter page, where you can also find a legend for my charts.

5. Solaris ($XLR) || Summer Power Rating: 83

4. Odyssey ($OCN) || Summer Power Rating: 84.75

3. Linda ($LINDA) || Summer Power Rating: 85.5

2. Kalkulus ($KLKS) || Summer Power Rating: 85.75

1. Digibyte ($DGB) || Summer Power Rating: 86.5



Each week, I scrape the Twitter accounts of some of the crypto world’s favorite influencers, traders and TA folk. I run a sentiment analysis to see which coins they are mentioning positively, neutrally and which they are mentioning in a negative light.

I also take in data on unique influencers, retweets, favorites, volume and strength of feeling in sentiment.

I calculate power by through a weighted formula that takes into consideration volume, number of unique influencers and sentiment. The higher the score, the better, the lower the worse.

This isn’t financial advice, just my own way of trying to make sense of what’s out there. And as with most things, the more data I collect, hopefully, the more interesting it’ll be. This is a work in progress. Please leave suggestions on how to make it better. I imagine if I keep up with it, I’ll be able to expand a bunch of the analysis, but I wanted to start somewhere.

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