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Apple’s Steve Wozniak invests in blockchain company in crypto hub Malta

Co-founder of tech giant Apple Steve Wozniak has invested in a Maltese blockchain-based company focused on energy efficiency.

Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple, has co-founded Efforce, a new blockchain-based company focused on energy efficiency.

According to a report by Maltese news The Malta Independent, Wozniak is investing in a project which is close to his heart, as efficiency has always been important to him. He is hoping that saving money on energy is doubly advantageous as it is good for the environment too.

The energy-efficient company is based in cryptocurrency hub Malta, and sees Wozniak and Jacopo Visetti teaming up. Visetti co-founded Efforce in January 2018 and, according to his career profile, has spent time working in the renewable energy and environment sector for the past nine years.

According to Efforce, the company “is the first platform that allows contributors to profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide.” The goal of the organisation is to “to be recognized as the first and main platform in the world for tokenized energy savings.”

As the report states, Wozniak said at the pre-launch of the Delta Summit that he thinks that blockchain has the capability of improving the way we use energy and can stand as a way to lower the energy we use without us changing any habits. Wozniak also believes that Efforce is a key company in this area and has been extremely successful so far. The tech figurehead stated that blockchain technology is more secure than standard servers and that Malta is an ideal place to invest in the technology. He said:

“EFFORCE is a unique business model and we can have a great impact on the entrepreneurship.”