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Built-in blockchain: The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks show crypto integration built into the phone

The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks show that the new smartphone set to be released in March will be supporting cryptocurrency with a built-in wallet.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

A Samsung Galaxy S10 leak has given the world a view of Samsung’s new smartphone and the pictures reveal that the phone will be in support of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The Galaxy S10 will be unveiled, or “unpacked” on the 20th of February and it is expected that sales of the phone will launch in the second week of March, according to the store page.

The leaked pictures of the Galaxy S10 show a wallet for cryptocurrency holders to store their cryptocurrencies. The wallet, called the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore, shows itself off as “a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency”. The leaked pictures show that Ethereum will be supported, but it is uncertain whether other tokens will be available at the launch or will be added in time.

The tech giant has not been shy of cryptocurrency in the past. Midway through last year, it was reported that Samsung invested assets into Ledger, a hardware manufacturing company. At the time, other conglomerates such as Google and Siemens were attracted to Ledger’s funding round too.

At the beginning of last year, Samsung also showed interest in the cryptocurrency industry and announced that it would be producing ASIC mining chips along with Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC.

This is also not the first case of a smartphone which will be integrating cryptocurrency technology into its device. In November last year, we went in-depth into the features of the HTC Exodus smartphone and the positive implications that it might have on the cryptocurrency adoption. Perhaps, like HTC, Samsung is taking the next step into wide cryptocurrency adoption with its new wallet feature. Time will tell how the technology and clear integration will benefit the crypto industry and whether it will spark a new revolution in every-day adoption.

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