Crypto markets surge pre-Christmas with Ripple and Ethereum spikes

While November might initiated what looked like a disastrous end to the year, it seems the last few weeks of December are offering a spot of recovery in the cryptocurrency markets.

The flashes of green have emerged into waves, and the market is showing hope before the new year.

As it stands, Bitcoin has crawled back to a $4,000 USD mark and seems to be staying between $3800 US and $4200 USD. This, after sinking from to a 2018 low of around $3200 USD following a somewhat stable few months of between $6,000 USD and $6,500 USD. The last week of moderate increase could be a hint that an upward trend might be on the rise.

Ripple is also facing an increase – a more significant one of 13.56% in day-on-day trading at the time of writing and is valued at $0.4296 USD.

Ethereum, which once was in the market’s second rank, is also promising growth with more than a 10% increase. Boasting a 10.11%, the token is sitting at $144.85 USD.

Although a green market is a hopeful sight just before the year wraps up, the crypto market is volatile. Although cautious, if a Santa Claus rally is on its way; the industry is in for an exciting 2019.

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