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The Bitcoin Cash split – “Hash Wars or Ego Wars”

CNBC Cryptotrader host Ran Neuner has released his latest video episode which tackles all things blockchain in the midst of a crypto bloodbath.

In his latest video, CNBC’s Cryptotrader Ran Neuner explores all things relevant in the cryptocurrency industry, tucking into the controversy of the Bitcoin Cash split, looking at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and considering the thoughts and opinions of Vinny Lingham and Tone Vays.

In the episode, Neuner explores:

The Bitcoin Cash Split sending markets tumbling –  hash wars or ego wars?
An interview with Roger Ver and Craig on the same show.
There is blood on the markets, but is this Capitulation?
The SEC’s decisive move against ICOs.
And whether cryptocurrencies will benefit from Black Friday?

Watch the video below: