PornHub expands crypto repertoire, now accepts PumaPay

Adult entertainment giant PornHub first aroused interested with the news that it would accept Verge – and later Tron and ZenCash – and now the industry leader has confirmed that it will now accommodate PumaPay.

PumaPay – itself the 1621st cryptocurrency ranked by market cap – spearheads the development of the ‘PullPayment’ protocol, which enables merchants to ‘pull’ funds from a user’s account in a similar approach to how a bank might debit a consumer’s account.

In a statement to the press, PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror explained that “PumaPay’s technological solution, the PullPayment protocol, reverses the mechanics of a transaction, enabling merchants to ‘pull’ crypto funds from their customers’ account… with PumaPay, merchants avoid the drawbacks of the current banking systems, such as high transaction costs, the insecurity of chargebacks (reverse transactions) and associated fines, and the lack of customer anonymity.”

Further expanding on PornHub’s vision for payment standards, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price expressed that “As one of the most viewed websites in the world with over 90 million daily visitors, it is our duty to stay at the forefront of innovation and ensure the privacy of our users… as decentralized payment systems continue to grow in popularity, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender.”

Price went on to add that “PMA is a solid addition to our growing arsenal of cryptocurrencies, and we’re excited for our fans to use them to purchase a myriad of things on our platform.”

PornHub recently racked up another mark on its blockchain bedpost with the news that its subsidiary, Tube8, would leverage a token-based microeconomy which would allow customers to watch and interact with Tube8 videos all the while earning Vice Industry Tokens.

Beyond its Tube8 expansion, PornHub already accepts Verge, ZenCash, and Tron as currency for its premium offerings.

PumaPay itself is down by -4.49% in the wake of the news, and presently trades for $0.001446 USD.

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