Nvidia CEO predicts tech like blockchain to integrate far more IRL


Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts that we’re on the brink of the world stepping into the digital space in a massive way. Speaking at a recent virtual tech conference, one of the most influential figures in the tech industry, noted that he sees the integration of technology soon.

With blockchain leading the way in things like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Huang believes we’re “right on the cusp of” the metaverse with uses of virtual and augmented reality emphasised in the move towards digital designs. He commented:

There will be AR versions, where the art that you have is a digital art. You own it using NFT. You’ll display that beautiful art, that’s one of a kind, and it’s completely digital. You’ll have our glasses on or your phone. You can see that it’s sitting right there, perfectly lit, and it belongs to you. We’ll see this overlay, a metaverse overlay if you will, into our physical world.”

Nvidia leading the digital realm

Huang noted that his company is already using a virtual reality version of the new office buildings. Nvidia is using supercomputers with the intention of simulating architecture to help design and harness maximum efficiency. In the future, the company intends to allow staff to work from home wearing VR headsets to implement a VR and physical workspace. Huang stated:

“This building completely exists in VR. We designed it completely digitally. We’re going to build it out so that there will be a digital twin of this very physical building in VR. We’ll be able to simulate everything, train our robots in it. We can simulate how best to distribute the air conditioning to reduce the energy consumption […] We can simulate all of that in our digital twin, our building metaverse, before we deploy anything here in the physical world. We’ll be able to go in and out of it using VR and AR.”

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