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Monero rises as as it becomes exclusive cryptocurrency for Fortnite merchandise

The privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero has been announced as the sole cryptocurrency token accepted in the sale of merchandise for popular video game Fortnite.

The official merchandise store for popular video game Fortnite has started accepting Monero as its exclusive cryptocurrency for payment.
Monero announced the news that Retail Row, Fornite’s supporting retail store, as the year kicked off:

Riccardo Spagni (also known as Fluffypony), the lead developer of Monero, took to Twitter too:

The call to make Monero the sole cryptocurrency to use is an interesting one, owing to the fact that Fortnite users have been targeted by malicious hackers coupled with how Monero is often choice for cryptojacking.

Despite this, the news that the retail company is opting to allow payments in cryptocurrency is positive for the industry and the more adoption we see from companies with a following such as Fortnite, the more attention cryptocurrencies gain as a whole.

At present, Monero is trading at a 6.15% increase in day-on-day trading and is now valued at $48.99 USD per token.