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The “un-hackable” wallet of McAfee hacked by a team of researchers

McAfee claimed that his wallet is the first that cannot be hacked and it has taken a team and a fifteen-year-old to break that claim

John McAfee, of McAfee antivirus, states that he has created the world’s first unhackable storage, but it would seem that bold claim has been pulled apart in a recent security breach.

According to Hard Fork, a group of security researchers from Pen Test Partners were able to crack into the wallet – which apparently is of a Bitfi system – and were able to install and play Doom on the device. This particular component of the crack came courtesy of a fifteen-year-old hacking genius Saleem Rashid and was following a number of other breaches on the system as part of the team’s research. Through hacking the system, the researchers were also able to sign and allow transactions using Bitfi to go through, which is a key factor in the hardware wallet’s bounty program.

Andrew Tierney (known on Twitter as @Cybergibbons), a consultant at Pen Test Partners, stated that the endeavor sounds like Bounty 2.

According to Tierney, the Pen Test researchers managed to change the device’s firmware remarkably and were, therefore, able to impede messages between the hardware and the wallet. He also said that hacking the hardware of the wallet was a team effort, with the team pulling in assistance from various other entities.

McAfee has generally been a big talker when it comes to cryptocurrency and has eccentrically expressed his take. When he announced that he was going to be launching a coin, it opened with him saying that it wasn’t a hoax. Whether he responds to the security breach is yet to be seen, but if he does, it will likely be in some sort of entertaining fashion.