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This is not a joke – McAfee will be launching his own cryptocurrency

Famous for the McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee is looking to make his name – and face – famous in blockchain too. The businessman has confirmed against reports of hoaxes that he plans to release his brand new cryptocurrency token at the end of next month.

John McAfee, of the well-known antivirus software company, has announced that he is releasing “McAfee Coin”.

The businessman has noted that this is no ordinary crypto-token. Rather, it is a “radical new concept” of a collectible fiat currency which is backed by cryptocurrency, which is an idea to reverse what the banks are attempting to do.

McAfee has publicized that the token, “McAfee Redemption Unit” (MRU), will be released on 25th June of this year and the thought was that it was some sort of elaborate hoax since he is not known to be shy to make some, well, unconventional comments but McAfee has confirmed that this is no joke and the token is real and on its way.

It’s known that the man likes cryptocurrency, and apparently, he wants his face (literally) associated with the concept.

We’ll see by the end of the next month whether the man is a mad genius and this really is a master plan for a delayed April Fools or if he does have something groundbreaking on the way. Either way, it seems as though the internet can look forward to something spectacular.