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A Lubin, a Song and a wager in front of hundreds – Consensus 2018 Day One Recap

May 15th 2018: In today’s news Joe Lubin and Jimmy Song shake hands making a bitcoin deal in front of Consensus audience, lawmakers look to move from the drawing board to the sandbox for regulations and Amber Baldet’s decentralized application store Clovyr is unveiled.

Written by Rebecca Leighton Published on

Joe Lubin and Jimmy Song have a touch of the betting bug

Consensys founder Joe Lubin and Blockchain Capital partner Jimmy Song shook on a deal in sight of a hundred strong audience on a bet regarding blockchain user-ship.

While the specifics of the wager are not yet confirmed, it’s known that the kinks will be ironed out on the Twitter platform. The broad strokes of the deal came out on stage where Lubin took to Song, betting “any amount of bitcoin” that in five year’s time, there will be a to-be-defined number of applications on the blockchain that have achieved a to-be-defined number of users earned.

The current details of how much bitcoin is on the line are unknown. But the important thing is that Song agreed to the wager and Lubin tweeted a cheeky comment following.

Odds in their favor, or something like that.

EU and US Lawmakers play with the ‘Sandbox’ approach for blockchain

Lawmakers at the Consensus 2018 conference contended that “sandboxes” regulation might just be the best tactic for blockchain innovation with a lack of official guidance for developments.

The ‘sandbox approach’ allows the experimentation of operations geared towards innovations such as blockchain technology – so long as it is in a controlled setting with trusted business partners.

David Schweikert, a U.S. House Representative, said that no total clarity regarding regulations currently in place for the U.S. to control cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and he followed up that this might not be a bad thing, telling the audience:

“One of the greatest concerns now in Congress is crippling innovation with regulation – so the ‘fog’ we are in now may actually be beneficial.”

Is the Clovyr application going to have four-leafed luck?

Clovyr has been revealed at Consensus 2018 as a decentralized app store designed to house selected applications and geared to simplify the developments of enterprise applications.

The project is founded by Amber Baldet and cryptographer Patrick Mylund Nielsen and brings with it a great deal of excitement. Baldet has suggested that there is a possibility for bitcoin-facing apps on the platforms and that there might even be future developments in blockchain integrations to add to the decentralized set.

From here, the Clovyr team intends to release a full tech set of decentralized application designs geared towards privacy protection and Baldet has said that one of the aims is to empower individuals to build and innovate projects themselves.

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