Legal firm defending FTX victims issues public plea to Shaq O’Neal

Moskowitz Law Firm, the firm involved in the FTX legal case, has made a plea to Shaquille O’Neal to comply with legal proceedings in the case.

The firm took to the public on Twitter’s platform to ask O’Neal to “have the courtesy and honour” in its attempts to serve him with the “legal complaint”.

O’Neal is a former NBA basketball player and a current analyst on the TNT television program ‘Inside the NBA.’

In 2020, O’Neal was announced as a brand ambassador for FTX, and he also became a minority shareholder in the company. As part of the partnership, O’Neal appeared in various FTX advertisements and had changed his Twitter profile picture to include the FTX logo. On top of his public campaigning for the crypto exchange, O’Neal also participated in several initiatives with FTX, such as a charity drive where he donated $50,000 worth of Bitcoin to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

This public plea to the former NBA start comes after a court filing at the beginning of April. The document notes that several attempts have been made to serve O’Neal:

“Mr. O’Neal is the sole remaining defendant in this matter who has still not been served. Despite Plaintiffs’ dozens of attempts in multiple states and countries, to either effect service on him or have him (or a designated agent) accept service of process.”

As part of this, the server in Texas was not only unsuccessful but also received a threatening message after making the eighth attempt to serve O’Neal at his home in Texas.

Which celebrities had FTX partnered with?

Moskowitz, representing the victims, noted that he is the only of the “FTX celebrities” who is avoiding his serve notices.

Over recent years, FTX partnered with several celebrities. Some of the most prominent names to work with the exchange are professional basketball player Stephen Curry, who signed a multi-year deal to become the company’s global ambassador in 2021. In June 2021, NFL quarterback Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen both joined FTX as ambassadors. In addition, FTX has partnered with musician and entrepreneur DJ Khaled, who also became a global ambassador. Later in 2021, FTX announced a partnership with actor and producer Will Smith to create an NFT collection based on his film ‘King Richard.’

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