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Five leading wonder-women of the male-driven blockchain industry

When it comes to the new cryptic world of finance and technology, the field is made up of a majority of male figures and trying to find a woman on the blockchain isn’t the easiest endeavor. In this, we point you towards key women making an impact in cryptocurrency.

If you were at Consensus a couple of weeks ago, you would have noticed the majority of men dominating the audience and the panel members and a distinct lack of female cryptocurrency counterparts.

Statistics back this up too, and males make up about a huge portion of those interested in crypto and blockchain happenings.

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While it’s not an unfair representation of the male-to-female balance in the industry, it doesn’t mean that women are entirely absent on the blockchain. In fact, there are some leading women who are pioneering different spaces and projects in the community and are enthusiastic about making an impact.

Elizabeth Stark

Twitter: @starkness

It’s a Stark! We can only imagine that this person is either going to be complaining about winter’s arrival or be one of great innovative intellect.

With Elizabeth, the tendency is definitely towards the latter. As a graduate of the ivy-league Harvard Business School, she is doing justice to the university’s acclaimed name. Starting out her lengthy list of successes, Stark formed the Harvard Free Culture Group and was a partnering member of the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society and has since branched out. She spent a great deal of time lecturing at another highly prestigious institution Stanford and also at the esteemed Yale at which she formed a program which aims to help students develop projects which will further progress the technology of the internet.

Stark has also been a major influence in fields other than universities and has undertaken the massive task, along with Olaoluwa Osuntokun, of founding the Lighting Labs – a startup which is dedicating to developing processes in order to increase the speeds of cryptocurrency transactions. Currently, she is serving as Lightning’s CEO and is generally an active member of the crypto community.

Meltem Demirors

Twitter: @Melt_Dem

Demirors took on the challenge of getting a degree in Mathematical Economics at the William Marsh Rice University and succeeded in that endeavor with an insatiable taste for business and a prolonged desire to study and so went on to satisfy that hunger with the nourishment in the form of a Master of Business Administration from the well-regarded Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Currently, Demirors is one of the top directors at the Digital Currency Group (DCG), a company which focuses on developing and implementing protocols in blockchain technology. DCG also looks after prominent cryptocurrency investment portfolios.

She has a massive influence in the company and has been described as being a key connection to bridge the gap between the core operating teams of the business.

Demirors is not only prominent in the blockchain community for her DCG work, but she has also become known as one of the most active advocates to fight against centralized cryptocurrency mining pools, particularly to those related to Bitcoin.

She often goes back to the academic field – not to learn, but to impart knowledge and serves as a lecturer at MIT. As if she’s not already a powerhouse, she also is on the board of the Global Future Council on Blockchain at the World Economic Forum and has a backing on Twitter with 44,000 followers.

Rhian Lewis  

Twitter: @rhian_is

Lewis started out her ventures at the University College London where she took things in her stride and graduated with second class Honors in Economics.

She has a prosperous expertise in cryptocurrency, with both her financial degree and having formed an excellent profession in the fields of engineering and technology through working or many different companies focuses on the skills in both industries. A marriage of knowledge set for blockchain.

Lewis has the extensive know-how which only increased by working at businesses such as international marketing and technology agencies DigitasLB, AKQA, and Beamly.

Currently, she is one of the Director of Salvia Media Services and manages Countmycrypto, a project she co-developed to help track cryptocurrency portfolios.

As an advocate for blockchain, Lewis actively pursues the idea of women participating in cryptocurrency and co-started the London division of the Women in Bitcoin organization. Lewis further promotes women participating in blockchain technology through offering her voice at conferences, meetings, workshops, and seminars.

Elizabeth McCauley

Twitter: @etmccauley

This powerhouse woman had an unusual introduction to working in the cryptocurrency space. As an intern working in Washington for the United States Congressmen, she started advocating for the adoption of Bitcoin in the US, to the point that she was nicknamed ‘The Bitcoin Evangelist’. Having studied political science at Wheaton College and taking a strong inclination towards grass root activism, she made her mark in the Congress and then moved on to make waves in more crypto-centric waters.

She is currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the Bitcoin Foundation and Code to Inspire, she also highlights her prowess in blockchain as the Head of the Global Business Development team for Coinsecure, and in her work for Bridge 21, both of which are crypto-based companies increasing their ranks in their fields.

She has the unique combination of a background in public policy and a keen vision for decentralization and freedom from central institutions and this has put her in a strong position to make changes in and using the blockchain technology world.

Perianne Boring

Twitter: @PerianneDC

This woman has a weight of knowledge, skills, and expertise behind her and has been featured in numerous “top tens” of the blockchain, such as CoinDesk’s “10 Most Influential People in Blockchain 2016” and “Top Women in Bitcoin 2015”.

She has a rich work history, having dabbled in television hosting, business, writing, speaking, finance and more. Exploring that, we see that she was the lead anchor of an international economic program, ‘Prime Interest’, which broadcast to over 100 countries and makes an impact to over 650 million viewers. In her time on television, she interviewed massive figureheads such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Elizabeth Warren.

Along with her achievements, she is also one of the contributors for Forbes and writes her own column “The Beauty of Blockchain” for the business magazine. She receives a great deal of a huge support from her nearly 20,00 followers on Twitter and whether she is speaking (as she does at many financial technology conferences), writing or interviewing, it’s a guarantee that many people are listening.

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Currently, Boring is the president of a platform she founded, The Chamber of Digital Commerce, which acts as a channel to talk about adoption and use cases of cryptocurrencies and is a voice between the government in Washington DC and the city’s people.