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Four leading cryptocurrency businesses shaping markets with new offerings and partnerships

How have new cryptocurrency ventures staked their claim in the market space with new partnerships? We explore new developments from Coinbase, Circle, BitPay, and Gemini.

While the news of a new partnership can set the tongues of cryptocurrency investors wagging, blockchain projects aren’t the only ones signing major deals.

Since Bitcoin’s debut, several leading cryptocurrency businesses have stepped up to not only offer access to leading coins in tokens, but have shaped market-spaces through innovative new developments and partnerships.

Coinbase Ventures


A well-known name to investors both in the United States and beyond, Coinbase stands as one of the most recognized cryptocurrency exchanges thanks to its simplicity and decision to list several out of thousands of cryptocurrencies.

While Coinbase might be the first port-of-call for investors looking for an easy way to invest in cryptocurrencies, the firm has recently served up a slew of new offerings to entice both developers and institutional investors.

Beyond listing Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, Coinbase further offers a passively-managed index fund designed to track the returns of assets listed on its exchange, GDAX.

Earlier this year, Coinbase unveiled its Protocol Team – a raft of contributors who would assist in developing leading blockchain projects – as well as a venture capital initiative designed to fund innovative new businesses.


A Goldman-Sachs backed startup, Circle is another venture offering US-based consumers access to popular cryptocurrencies. Circle Invest, which launched earlier this year, offers a commission-free trading service, and derives its income from a 15.2 percent spread across buy and sell prices. Users are able to connect their bank accounts to facilitate instant deposits and can further leverage the platform to view market data.

The company further encompasses Circle Pay, a peer-to-peer service, and Circle Trade, which offers over-the-counter Bitcoin trading.

Beyond offering access to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin, the firm now offers Monero and ZCash to its catalog.

Circle made waves earlier this year for its acquisition of Poloniex in a bid that will see the two firms integrate systems.



BitPay is one of the more prolific Bitcoin payments processors, and hinges its business on enabling companies both large and small to accept Bitcoin as currency for goods or services.

BitPay’s checkout process enables merchants to accept Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash with the option of instantly converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency such as the US Dollar.

BitPay’s reach has only increased in 2018. Earlier this year, the firm partnered with Russian social media networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki in a bid that would see both firms accept Bitcoin as not only payment from advertisers, but further pay their staff in cryptocurrency.

Further, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – Bithumb –  has announced a new venture that will see the firm work alongside BitPay to compete in the international remittance market.



Founded by the Winklevoss twins Tyler and Cameron, Gemini is yet another US-based cryptocurrency exchange making major plays with both new partnerships and products.

Earlier this year, Gemini launched a new cryptocurrency block trading service that will enable investors to buy or sell large quantities of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Nasdaq announced earlier this year that it would offer Gemini with SMARTS Market Surveillance – a technology that will enable the exchange to monitor all of its trading pairs, such as Bitcoin/US dollar (BTC/USD), Ethereum/US dollar (ETH/USD) and Bitcoin/Ethereum (BTC/ETH).

The Winklevoss brothers have previously disclosed their intent to add Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as additions to the platform in the course of 2018, and Gemini itself recently succeeded as New York’s first exchange to trade ZCash.