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Keiser: “100% Guarantees” Bitcoin Critics Will Go All-In With Huge Buys

Strongly opinionated Max Keiser believes that Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Mark Cuban will go “all-in” when they realise the demand for Bitcoin.

American broadcaster of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser believes that Bitcoin critics Peter Schiff and Mark Cuban will buy into the cryptocurrency in time. 
In a recent tweet, the broadcaster (famed for his loud-mouthed approach to life) bullishly stated his opinion, commenting that “pre-coiners” will go “all-in with huge buys” when they understand the demand of Bitcoin.

Schiff, Rogers and Cuban have not appeared to respond to the tweet, neither confirming nor denying Keiser’s bold claim.

Keiser: Schiff Is Playing The Waiting Game

In a subsequent tweet, Keiser opened up a poll to ask Twitter users what will direct Schiff to panic buy Bitcoin.

At the time of press, over 30% of the nearly 1000 respondents believe the crypto sceptic will buy Bitcoin at the lowest offered value ($25,000 USD). Numerous Twitter users believe that he is already holding Bitcoin, but is just keeping it under wraps.

Despite his outspoken calls to convince Schiff to buy Bitcoin, Keiser criticised eccentric Bitcoin advocate John McAfee for buying in late and not, saying that he “came to BTC late (was already past $2,000)”, and as a result, he is “*not* a #Bitcoin influencer“. Keis’ers approach to McAfee’s late adoption of the cryptocurrency industry suggests that should Schiff openly accept Bitcoin, it would be met with a perhaps controversially loud opinion. We, only time will tell as to whether the crypto critics will weigh in to the jibes and whether they will adopt Bitcoin as an investment asset in time.

Posted: Oct 30, 2020 Author: Becky Categories: Coin News