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Johnny Depp partners with blockchain based social media platform, TaTaTu

Johnny Depp is teaming up with TaTaTu, a blockchain based social entertainment platform helmed by entrepreneur Andrea Lervolino.

Actor Johnny Depp will be using Infinitum Nihil, a film production company he founded, to collaborate with Lervolino and produce films and digital content on TaTaTu, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

TaTaTu provides a gaming and video streaming service which utilizes blockchain technology. Users of the platform do not have to pay to watch, share or review this content. Instead, they are rewarded for their attention with TaTaTu tokens (TTU). The system is powered by blockchain and a social media network. This network allows people to message each other and post comments and opinions onto the platform. It is mass consumer attention which enables the survival of such a platform.

TaTaTu tokens can be used to purchase items from the TaTaTu e-commerce store. These items include things such as clothing accessories and stickers as well as merchandise relating to movies hosted on the service. However, the main draw of TaTaTu lies in how it will handle digital rights management and advertising, according to their white paper.

Copyright management in the standard digital realm is difficult due to a lack of transparency, with people being able to upload works they have copied and claim it as theirs. TaTaTu is currently using blockchain technology to develop a Digital Rights Manager (DRM). This tool would allow the easy location and transparent distribution of viewing rights from their original source. It will make the process of copyrighting much more streamlined and secure.

Content providers will not be able to access the DRM and track digital rights without paying TTU tokens. This is what enables the token to hold utility value. It will cost tokens whenever a content provider wishes to amend, edit or add to rights and licensing agreements.

Blockchain technology also makes the process of advertising much more open and visible. Advertisers will still be able to attune a customer’s ads to their specific tastes and search history but the whole process will be made transparent. Users will be able to see how advertisers are tracking their data.

TaTaTu was launched six months ago in May and is currently in its beta phase. With a unique utilization of blockchain and celebrity partnerships like Johnny Depp, it has the potential to really take off when it is fully released.