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“Don’t vote for John McAfee” to be the software guru’s campaign slogan

John McAfee has a new slogan for his ‘anti-campaign’ in the presidential election, as he is looking to use the election as a platform for cryptocurrency advocacy rather than actually running to be president.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

John McAfee of McAfee Antivirus Software recently expressed his interest in running for United States president in order to promote cryptocurrencies.

According to Cointelegraph, McAfee claimed that he is looking to “use his access to the national stage solely to discuss cryptocurrencies while expressing сonfidence that no one will elect [him] as president.”

In June of this year, the programmer announced his intention to run in the 2020 presidential elections:

According to Cointelegraph, he stated that he is hoping “to talk about personal freedom and how cryptocurrency can help us achieve that” and that he will use the platform of the election to do so. He said:

“[Crypto is] all I’m going to talk about. See, I don’t want to be president. I couldn’t be… No one’s going to elect me president, please God. However, I’ve got the right to run.”

McAfee believes that Bitcoin will hit the $1 million USD mark by 2020, but thinks that the US dollar will look differently at that time, compared to how it does now. He thinks that “in five years time fiat will be on its last legs.

Owing to his apparent disinterest in actually being president, McAfee is anti-campaigning with a catchy “don’t vote for me” slogan.

If his predictions about fiat losing value hold better than his other projections, then Bitcoin might yet see higher figures.

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