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John McAfee stirs the pot in HitBTC claim, calls for boycott

In a new social media “fued”, McAfee’s founder has turned to the cheeky side, provoking a response from HitBTC.

John McAfee of McAfee cybersecurity is well versed in the art of cheeky banter and he has turned his pot-stirring attention to one of Hong-Kong’s biggest cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

McAfee targeted HitBTC, with no evident reason, calling to his followers to boycott the exchange, and reduce the $270 million USD daily trading volume. “Boycott them” he urged, claiming that the company is the reason for the suffering of many individuals in the city.

Although it is rather vague, we can conjecture that the tech-security entrepreneur has taken offense to the withdrawal fees that HitBTC is charging customers when they wish to remove assets from the exchange – an action which many other exchanges perform – and wishes to see an end to the “suffering“.

McAfee continued to paint a bull’s eye on the back of HitBTC and promised that he would become the exchange’s “worst enemy” if they did not address the issue (which remains unknown and unspecified).

HitBTC hit back at the ‘antagonist’ with a ‘thank you’ for being the “voice [to take] this discourse to the next level” and for raising the “important problem“.

Unhappy with the response from HitBTC, the eccentric McAfee replied rather saltily, claiming that the exchange has caused the death of a number of individuals:

“Your algorithm killed an unknown number of people. You tell me what algorithm recompenses these deaths. You have unjustly subgected Docademic.”