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30 experts to aid in countrywide implementation of blockchain

The Italian government has published a list of 30 blockchain experts who are penned to aid in the implementation of blockchain within the country.

Back on the 20th of September, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) published a public notice calling for the formation of a group of 30 experts in the crypto field. This group would be responsible for developing a national strategy for the integration of blockchain and distributive ledger technologies (DLT). MISE has now recently, on the 27th of December, revealed the members of this group.

The team covers a wide pool of expertise, comprising individuals such as Angiolini Giorgio, who is the head of the marketing portfolio at the telecommunications equipment firm, Italtel, and a member of the United Nations blockchain development group. Other notable members include Cirillo Monica, a financial lawyer and president of the national Commission for research and technological innovation Blockchain – Smart Contract; Vitale Marco, who is the president of the blockchain firm Quadrans Foundation; and Giustozzi Lorenzo, the president of the BlockchainEdu Association.

According to MISE’s September press release, it is the duty of this crack unit to first identify practices which make use of DLT and their spread of influence within the country. They are then to promote and research the use of these technologies so that they become even more accessible to the Italian public. They are to do this by creating what is to be called a National Blockchain Strategy.  Once it is formed, it will then be revealed to the public and subject to open consultation.

This move comes after a joint declaration, signed earlier this year by Italy and six other European nations, which promises for the governmental promotion of blockchain technology: