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IOTA teams up with Volkswagen to show off a new proof-of-concept at Cebit 2018

Volkswagen’s Chief Digital Officer has confirmed that a new partnership with IOTA will reveal a Tangle-empowered method to deliver vehicular software updates at Cebit 2018.

Johann Jungwirth, Volkswagen’s Chief Digital Officer, has now announced that a joint effort between IOTA and Volkswagen will show off a new proof-of-concept initiative at Cebit 2018.

The concept will demonstrate the use of Tangle technology to deliver over-the-air software updates to connected vehicles as part of IOTA’s bid to drive an autonomous machine economy in which devices can communicate and transact with one another.

Slated as showcase material for Tuesday, June 12th, the demonstration aims to depict how an over-the-air update would function through an immutable storage medium and audit trail, and would highlight how IOTA technology can be implemented into legacy software systems.

The demonstration will highlight IOTA’s bid to present itself as an attractive option for auto-manufacturers seeking to deliver secure updates to their vehicles with transparency access to audit trails. Volkswagen and IOTA predict that by 2020, over 250 million connected vehicles will have taken to the road.

Beyond delivering software updates, Jungwirth highlighted that IOTA offered several benefits to the Volkswagen brand – including the ability to assist in any product recalls as well as record statistical recordings. As an additional opportunity, both brands noted the potential use of IOTA’s Tangle technology in developing products such as usage-based insurance.

IOTA and Volkswagen are not the only parties displaying interest in courtship. Earlier this year, BMW partnered with VeChain to implement blockchain technology in its supply chain management process.

Similarly, Porsche has tested blockchain-powered user authentication for passengers seeking to board vehicles, while Daimler (the marque behind Mercedez-Benz) has debuted MobiCoin – a blockchain-based driving rewards program.