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IOTA announces new testnets for apps, statistics, and stress tests

IOTA has released a new suite of testnets designed to allow developers platforms to develop apps. collate statistics, and stress-test transactional limits.

In welcome news for developers, IOTA has successfully released several new testnets designed to replace the platform’s present ‘Mainnet Lite’ testnet.

Unveiled with the intention of enabling developers to work on apps and stress test other network functions, IOTA will proceed deploy four testnets to serve the needs of its community.

Of the four new testnets, each instance will enable developers to interact with different APIs and libraries.

IOTA testnets

‘Devnet’ will go on to replace the Testnet, and will run the latest version of the IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI). Developers aiming to use the Devnet will be able to do so without using any real tokens.

‘Spamnet’ will enable participants to test their applications without running a node. The Spamnet testnet will operate with seven nodes behind a load balancer which will be used to analyze the effects of spam on the network.

Next up, ‘Canarynet’ will be used to operate experimental builds and will enable developers to trial untested features.

The final network – aptly named ‘Testnet’, will be announced in more detail at a later date this year. The network will enable developers to test high-throughput applications.

The new testnets have been designed to defuse common network phenomena such as blowballs – when a large number of transactions reference a single transaction – and CTPS variance – where instability results in varied confirmed transactions occurring per second.

IOTA’s decision to stratify its testnets will enable both the IOTA team and enrolled developers to experiment with new environments. The announcement comes shortly after IOTA signed a new memorandum of understanding with the United Nations, in which it would provide a distributed ledger for Industry 4.0 devices.

IOTA is down 3.9% at the time of writing, and presently trades for $1.36 USD.