“I think Ethereum is a waste of a project” – an interview with Tone Vays

tone vays

Welcome to the fifth episode of the CoinInsider.com podcast, Coin Dive!

In this episode, we talk to Tone Vays about his views on Bitcoin ICOs, Ethereum, and whether he feels like the cryptocurrency sphere is anything like Wall Street.

Tune in – questions we asked during this interview:

  • What did you do before Bitcoin?
  • Why the switch from wall street to Bitcoin?
  • Having just gone to Consensus, do you feel like you’re back in Wall Street?
  • Discussing the concept of diversified portfolios in crypto – are you all in on Bitcoin?
  • What’s your view on cryptocurrency ETFs?
  • Is there anyone who knows what they’re doing in technical analysis, or is everyone just reading tea leaves?
    • In the past you posted a series of videos called CryptoScam – Rhett Creighton followed up on your calls from last year and worked out what would have happened if they invested $1000 in each of the coins featured in your ‘Scam’ videos. Have you read it? 
  • What’s your view on Telegram investment syndicates?
  • Do you invest in ICOs?
  • Do ICO schemes today make you feel like the Bernie Madoff of 2009?
  • If you have to have dinner with someone in the blockchain industry – not Satoshi – who would it be?
  • If you have to hold a coin other than Bitcoin, which one coin would you hold?
  • If you could tell one person in blockchain to screw off…
  • If you didn’t hold Bitcoin, what would you hold?

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