‘In math we trust’ – an interview with Simon Dingle, cryptocurrency entrepreneur and author

simon dingle

Welcome to the second episode of the CoinInsider.com podcast, Coin Dive!

In this episode, we talk to Simon Dingle about his new book, In Math We Trust. We also discuss how he started out in the cryptocurrency world and what he believes will happen to the concept of earning a salary.

Tune in – questions we asked during this interview:

  • You started your career in radio and are a journalist – tell me a bit about how that could possibly have shaped your interest in Bitcoin
  • You’ve just written a book about Bitcoin called In Math We Trust. We’ll talk more about the book later on, but I want to know if writing a book has always been something you wanted to do?
  • You put yourself in the category of “libertarian-socialism”. What does that mean in layman’s terms? How does that affect your day to day life?
  • Tell me about what you do and they why. Why did you dive into the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency space?
  • You’ve previously said you haven’t seen a ‘better than Bitcoin’ project. Are you then only invested in Bitcoin?
  • What is your view cult of personality in cryptocurrency?
  • What do you think is an overlooked use case for blockchain/bitcoin or cryptocurrency in the coming years?
  • If you could meet one person in the crypto space right now, who would it be and why? 

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