Vollar, using blockchain because it’s trendy – an interview with Kyle Ueckermann


Welcome to the ninth episode of the CoinInsider.com podcast, Coin Dive!

In this episode, we talk to Kyle Ueckermann about his cryptocurrency organization, Vollar. We also discuss how he is looking to tackle issues in the local community using a digital currency, rather than a local fiat.

Tune in – questions we asked during this interview:

  • How did you get into blockchain and what does Vollar do?
  • As a non-government organization, how is the business funded?
  • Can you explain what a TCR is and how it applies to Vollar?
  • How does Vollar work practically?
  • Does a volunteer need to have a Smart device to participate?
  • You mentioned USSD. Can you explain what that is for listeners abroad and explain how Vollar works with it?
  • How would you possibly control the valuation regarding the “minimum wage” to which Vollar is pegged?
  • Is the intention for Vollar at all to make money, or are you reliant on corporate funding?
  • How many people are in the business? What does your team look like?
  • I want to talk technology briefly – what kind of blockchain technology are you using? Have you built your own or are you using another one?
  • You mentioned earlier on that this is a “different kind of blockchain project”. I wanted to know how exactly Vollar tokens are mined?
  • I understand that there are actions in the physical world which you record and the issue tokens for it, but I want to know how tokens are generated in the first place.
  • Why opt for blockchain at all? Why is a token necessary, as opposed to using fiat currency?
  • Would a standardized database not operate in the same way, and be more efficient than blockchain?
  • Do you think that you’ve chosen blockchain technology because it’s trendy at the moment?
  • Do you not think that cryptocurrency is a strange thing which could be a scam and therefore fiat might be a better plan?
  • There is no tax on the minimum wage, so it looks as though this might be blockchain for the sake of blockchain. I want to know how you think that Vollar, using all these complex technologies which aren’t really necessary in many startups, will help deal with the issues at hand.
  • Moving into detailed questions on the business’s numbers. Tell me about case studies, how many people are using Vollar.
  • To get into a couple of fun questions, name one person in the industry that you’d like to have dinner with (but not Satoshi).
  • And finally, if you could remove a single person from the industry forever, who would it be and why?

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