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Inside the South Korean crypto market and the startup that turned $600k – $250m in 18 months

Ran NeuNer, known in the world of cyptocurrency as CryptoManRan for his show on CNBC takes a trip to Korea to see what’s really happening on the ground in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Full video below.

Written by Nic Haralambous Published on

South Korea is a place filled with innovation and hustle but is often misunderstood by people from around the world. Ran NeuNer and his team took the trip into the heart of the South Korean cryptocurrency industry to reveal the hustlers, traders, whales, meetups and more.

An episode not to be missed.

You can find The Crypto Trader on YouTube and CryptoManRan on Twitter.

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Nic Haralambous is the CEO of CoinInsider. Hodling - BTC, ETH, NEO.

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