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2018 ICOs

ProjectReceivedGoalEnd Date
XGE token 3.2

XGE token

A chance to join Telegram's ICO through XGE. Acquire XGE tokens now and exchange them for GRAMs upon TON's release
Received: 10,000,000 USDGoal: 100,000 USD15-05-2018 Visit


Create a unique token economy with a completely new platform that uses free storage
Received: 18,000,000 USDGoal: 5,000,000 USD31-10-2018 Visit
Deflationcoin 3.1


Deflationcoin is a disruptive crypto asset that focuses on a continuously decreasing supply. The decreasing supply, combined with growing utility will create a steady trendline of increasing value.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A15-04-2018 Visit
CashBag 3.1


The blockchain platform for instant settlement and micropayments of cash back rewards. The largest single challenge faced by cash back sites is transaction processing cost and the time it takes to accumulate enough rewards to be meaningful. By leveraging the blockchain CashBag is eliminating this cost by introducing micropayments and instant settlement.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A13-04-2018 Visit
StarCap Pays 3.1

StarCap Pays

StarCap Pays Social Business Network
Received: 13,000,000 USDGoal: 1,300,000 USD05-10-2018 Visit
Techspecs 3.0


ICO that lets you profit from all tech growth
Received: N/AGoal: N/A05-06-2018 Visit
Posya 3.0


Be Part Of One Of The Most Desirous Cryptocurrenc. POSYA Is A Proof Of Stake (POS) Token Where In You Can Hold The Tokens In ERC-20 Wallet And Receive The Stakes Of Our Mining Operation As Per The Coin Holding.
Received: 40,000,000 USDGoal: 10,000,000 USD30-06-2018 Visit
Better. Quick. Transparent 2.8

Better. Quick. Transparent

Received: N/AGoal: N/A18-10-2018 Visit
hamster token 2.8

hamster token

HamsterToken is the first cryptocurrency that understand and fulfills the needs of the internet users by facilitating exchange of digital content media, It is being established based on blockchain technology to serve as a decentralized, transparent, and fully functional virtual currency protocol enabling production, trading, consumption, of all content that can be digitized.
Received: 4,000,000 USDGoal: 1,000,000 USD21-11-2018 Visit
Stockchain 2.5


StockChain aims to solve current issues of highly fragmented cryptocurrency markets and abundance of market data. It is designed to be a central platform to connect all the exchange data and information across the entire cryptocurrency space. It is the one stop terminal to the crypto world, comparable to the Bloomberg terminal to the traditional finance markets.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A20-04-2018 Visit
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