Funds raised in 2017

ICOs Published
Funds raised

2017 ICOs

ProjectReceivedGoalEnd Date
Aropa 3.2


Multi Featured Business Platform
Received: 5,000,000 USDGoal: N/A07-09-2017 Visit
MillionBitcoincash 3.2


Million Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionlessinnovation, and decentralized development.
Received: 300,000 USDGoal: N/A10-11-2017 Visit 3.1

Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform
Received: N/AGoal: N/A30-11-2017 Visit
DIGI Project 2.9

DIGI Project

Introducing Blockchain based digital goods
Received: 22,500,000 USDGoal: N/A19-10-2017 Visit
Trackr 2.9


Trackr is a smart cryptocurrency platform aimed at providing insights and analysis, assisting you in increasing your portfolio growth, allowing users to receive alerts for market volatility trends.
Received: 3,036,150 USDGoal: N/A15-09-2017 Visit
Airporn 2.9


The world’s first anonymous and decentralized adult entertainment video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology.
Received: 250,000,000 USDGoal: N/A14-11-2017 Visit 2.8

Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy
Received: 600,000 USDGoal: N/A10-09-2017 Visit
AmberPort 2.7


A chain of Duty-free jewelry stores
Received: 2,500,000 USDGoal: N/A15-10-2017 Visit
Jesus Coin 2.6

Jesus Coin

Jesus Coin is the only cryptocurrency of God's favorite son. Together we're working to speed up entry to heaven, decentralize the church and improve p2p (pilgrim to pilgrim) transaction time.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A12-10-2017 Visit


Foodcoin Ecosystem - blockchain for food and agriculture businesses.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A06-09-2017 Visit
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