Funds raised in 2017

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Funds raised

2017 ICOs

ProjectReceivedGoalEnd Date
Gene Blockchain Token 3.5

Gene Blockchain Token

The world's first human gene blockchain platform. It allows users to have their own gene assets, enjoy personalized medicine, healthcare plans, leisure services and dating based on genebackground.
Received: 10,000,000 USDGoal: N/A23-10-2017 Visit
NetM 3.4


NetM is a corporative network that is oriented to the market of payments and electronic transactions for a B2B market.<br /> NTM the own currency of NetM will be traded on exchanges and will be used to exchange currencies and even goods. Early adopters and buyers can buy it with discount according to the campaing.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A07-09-2017 Visit
CryptoMart 3.4


CryptoMart is a crypto-currency only, user-to-user online marketplace which facilitates the exchange of goods and services online with drastically faster transaction speeds and reduced costs in comparison to conventional exchanges such as Ebay and Amazon.
Received: N/AGoal: N/A25-09-2017 Visit


The first 100% anonymous way for anyone in any country to participle in initial coin offers!
Received: 10,000,000 USDGoal: N/A06-10-2017 Visit
Latium 3.4


Received: 19,600,000 USDGoal: N/A15-09-2017 Visit
DiceyBit 3.3


DiceyBit is a hones crypto casino based on Blockchain technology. Instead of classic list of available options, the project contains partner programs to expand our business opportunities. dCBT coin is a guarantee to our holders stable dividends payouts from the profit of DiceyBit project. Within business growth, the cost of the coin will expectedly grow, which leads to high business liquidity. By analogy with the shares, the holders of the tokens can buy or sell their tokens without restrictions
Received: 300,000 USDGoal: N/A29-09-2017 Visit
Archain 3.3


A parallel internet inside the first truly scalable cryptocurrency. Archain is a permanent de-centralised and uncensorable archive for the internet, built on novel Proof of Access and blockweave technologies.
Received: 50,000,000 USDGoal: N/A13-09-2017 Visit
Internxt 3.2


Welcome To A New Internet.
Received: 45,000,000 USDGoal: N/A28-09-2017 Visit
7ype 3.2


From BAFTA recognised movie actor Samuel Victor, 7ype is a unique, forward thinking and innovative way for feature films to be financed, allowing supporters to share in the success of the films. Over twenty films already on board from several prolific producers and directors in the UK and USA.
Received: 1,350,000 USDGoal: N/A27-08-2017 Visit
Tio Tour Guides 3.2

Tio Tour Guides

It's a Social Platform for Tourist, Tour Guides and Tour Operators to find or create personalized tours and use our tokens as payment tool via direct or escrow.
Received: 2,900,000 USDGoal: N/A19-09-2017 Visit