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IBM patents solutions for blockchain-powered app testing

IBM has filed for a new patent with the view of outlining how a ‘blockchain test configuration’ could one day provide infrastructure for testing new applications.

In a new patent application filed this Tuesday, IBM has filed for a surprising new project that could one day leverage blockchain technology to power new infrastructure for testing applications.

The patent outlines the need for automated testing that can use – and exponentially increase – a pool of resources as new test applications arise. The patent describes that the genesis of the idea arises as “software automation testing has become more hardware intensive as the complexity and requirements of new software applications continues to increase”.

Chiefly, IBM’s proposal details a blockchain-powered solution where a “package associated with an application” could be distributed to a network of nodes through a ‘contract document’ that would detail information as to how to execute test cases and claim a reward.

Specifically, the patent outlines that tasks allocated to ‘miners’ could issue rewards in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency once completed, and IBM further notes that general information, as well as the results of a test package, could be distributed over a peer-to-peer network.

The vision could one day serve to reduce the costs of establishing cloud-based infrastructure tests through leveraging a decentralized network with participating nodes found all over the world. The bid could potentially craft secure mobile applications through constant or regular exposure to stringent testing mechanisms.

The patent further details a hardware mechanism that could include a transmitter, which accordingly could send test requests to a network nodes and threafter recieve results of tests once they are completed.

The patent, notably, is not IBM’s first foray into blockchain technology. In 2013, IBM filed a patent for a system with the potential to track the value of cryptocurrencies.

The technology giant joins its competition in the blockchain arena – recently, Intel recently filed a ‘Bitcoin mining hardware accelerator’ patent that, if produced, could effectively reduce electricity consumption when mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Posted: Apr 06, 2018 Author: Bryan Smith Categories: Technology