Hong Kong Targets DeFi and Metaverse for Fintech Expansion

Key Takeaways:

Strategic Investments: Hong Kong has allocated substantial funds (HK$200 billion) towards innovation and technology, including fintech. This investment aims to foster cross-border data transfers and support local and international fintech companies, enhancing the city’s position as a global fintech hub​.

Regulatory and Institutional Support: Through initiatives like the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises (OASES) and the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), the government provides extensive support for fintech companies. This includes tailored services and leveraging technologies like 5G and blockchain to boost innovation and industrialisation in fintech​​.

Focus on Emerging Technologies: Hong Kong is actively promoting the adoption of DeFi and the metaverse. These technologies are expected to revolutionise financial services by offering decentralised financial solutions and creating new digital environments for businesses and consumers. This strategic direction aligns with the broader goal of digital transformation across sectors​.

Hong Kong, the world’s leading financial hub, targets decentralised finance (DeFi) and the metaverse as pivotal areas for its fintech growth. 

On June 25 2024, the Hong Kong Institutes for Monetary and Financial Research (HKIMR), and the Hong Kong Academy of Finance (AoF) research arm released two reports, each detailing the implications of DeFi and metaverse on the finance sector. Hong Kong’s report on DeFi revealed the ecosystem’s explosive growth from a modest $6 billion market capitalisation in 2021 to over $80 billion in 2023. It said, “These numbers demonstrate that DeFi’s potential cannot be ignored.”

Embracing Decentralised Finance

DeFi, a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on traditional financial intermediaries, has garnered significant attention worldwide for its potential to democratise access to financial services. Hong Kong’s proactive stance on DeFi involves regulatory support and infrastructure development to facilitate the growth of this sector.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has engaged with industry stakeholders to create a conducive environment for DeFi projects. The HKMA’s Fintech 2025 strategy emphasises the importance of digital finance and aims to transform the city’s financial sector through technological innovation. By supporting DeFi, Hong Kong seeks to provide more efficient, transparent, and inclusive financial services. 

This includes developing regulatory frameworks that balance innovation with risk management, ensuring consumer protection and maintaining financial stability. To further boost the DeFi ecosystem, Hong Kong encourages collaboration between traditional financial institutions and DeFi startups. This alliance is expected to drive the integration of DeFi solutions into mainstream financial services, providing users with greater access to innovative financial products and services.

The guide revealed issues in DeFi governance, compliance and vulnerabilities, but remained optimistic about its unique characteristics. It said, “DeFi has the potential to provide new financial services, such as liquid staking, flash loans, and automated market makers, with reduced transaction speed and enhanced innovation, automation and financial inclusion.” 

Exploring the Metaverse

The metaverse, a virtual shared space created by converging virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, represents another significant frontier for Hong Kong’s fintech ambitions. The city is exploring how the metaverse can revolutionise various aspects of finance, from virtual banking and trading to immersive customer experiences and new forms of digital assets. Hong Kong is investing in the necessary infrastructure to support the metaverse development. This includes high-speed internet, advanced data centres, and cutting-edge technology platforms. The city also fosters a vibrant ecosystem of tech startups, developers, and investors to drive innovation in this space. 

Hong Kong’s study revealed that when it comes to the metaverse, local financial institutions displayed a moderate level of engagement despite their high interest in it. CEO of the AoF and executive director of the HKIMR, Enoch Fung, highlighted that a sector of Hong Kong finch businesses is actively pursuing metaverse-related developments.

Fung said, “The emerging technologies of DeFi and the metaverse, which are closely connected to the broader virtual asset and Web3 developments, will likely present various opportunities for the financial services industry in Hong Kong.” One key opportunity in the metaverse for Hong Kong is the creation of new financial products and services that leverage virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. For instance, virtual real estate, digital art, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are gaining traction as alternative investment opportunities. By capitalising on these trends, Hong Kong aims to attract global investors and position itself as a leader in the metaverse economy.

Regulatory and Strategic Initiatives

To support its fintech expansion into DeFi and the metaverse, Hong Kong is implementing a range of regulatory and strategic initiatives. The city is updating its legal and regulatory frameworks to accommodate these technologies’ unique challenges and opportunities. This includes addressing data privacy, cybersecurity, and digital identity issues.

The Hong Kong government also launched various funding programs and incentives to attract fintech talent and investment. Initiatives like the Fintech Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme and the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund are designed to support startups and promote technological advancements.

Hong Kong is strengthening its international collaborations to stay at the forefront of fintech innovation. By partnering with other leading fintech hubs and participating in global forums, the city aims to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and drive the adoption of emerging technologies globally.

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